Online relationships have been a great relief for many by providing options, convenience, fun, and other benefits. For this reason, they have become the favorite dating option for many. However, precautions must be taken, since there are many scams on the networks that have repercussions. Below, we explain the most relevant ones so that you can be careful and avoid inconveniences.
Identity Theft
Identity theft is one of the most frequent scams on social networks. This consists of someone appropriating another person’s identity without their knowledge in order to carry out fraud or scams. This can happen in all kinds of scenarios and is very common on dating sites.
Therefore, to be safe, many people decide to choose sites with setravieso or other pages that verify the different profiles to ensure that they are true. It is also recommended that before meeting in person or sharing information, have some video meetings where you can corroborate if he is who he says he is and some lifestyle photos that match his description.
Romance scams
Adults of all ages have chosen online dating as the perfect place to find a partner. Although the world of online dating has many benefits such as convenience, contact options and multiple possibilities for dating. It also represents risks, since it is more susceptible to romantic scams. Generally these incur in economic fraud.
A person you meet online is very interested and wants to leave the website for a more private contact option like WhatsApp or email. At the time of having a larger connection, he claims to have some kind of emergency and requests money that he promises to return but never does. To avoid this, some signs you should pay attention to are:
If the candidate seems too perfect, model-like, successful, etc.
If you want to leave the dating site very quickly
He always has some excuse to avoid face-to-face meetings.
Internet extortion
In recent times, online extortion has increased. They consist of a cyber hacker asking his victim for money online with the threat that if he does not do so he will harm him in some way. Usually this form is related to threats regarding the publication of embarrassing information such as nudity.
There is also the possibility that the information is not stolen, but rather that through an online relationship the victim has trusted and sent material to the criminal with whom they will then seek to extort them. On the other hand, sharing information such as place of residence, family members or other personal matters to strangers can also lead to extortion.
What should you do? According to researchers, it is important that you never pay extortionists, since most of them still end up publishing the content. Additionally, be very careful not to share compromising material or information that could be used against you if you have not previously known the person well offline.
Spam, although it is one of the least dangerous scams, as long as you know how to react to it, it is usually quite annoying. It corresponds to unwanted messages or emails with unsolicited information and from unknown senders. These are usually sent en masse to many people and correspond to advertising. However, they can be avoided if you choose some filters or use some options to restrict who you receive messages from.
Although they are not dangerous, they may ask you to fill out some forms for prizes or access some malicious pages to steal your information and then use it in a bigger scam. Therefore, you must be careful how you react to it and send the spam directly to your spam emails.
Fraud impersonating another person
One of the main frauds, especially on dating sites, is identity theft. If the person you’re dealing with looks too perfect to be true they probably are and you better tread carefully. On the other hand, there is a possibility that someone you know will have their data stolen and scammers will write to you asking for some type of financial help in this case. Therefore, always before collaborating with a friend, make sure that you are talking to who you believe.
Paying attention to the internet is a great ally, but you must be careful. Keep all this in mind and you will surely be able to have the best relationships online without suffering any type of inconvenience.


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