The long-awaited 7.7 has begun at Shoope! This July’s promotional campaign is even more special, as it’s the market place’s anniversary celebration!

And to celebrate the date, Shopee is offering amazing discounts on hundreds of products, as well as free shipping, R$8 million in discount coupons and 1 year free shopping giveaway on Shopee.

And among Shopee’s 7.7 Anniversary offers, you’ll find products from Baseus, Xiaomi, Realme, Mondial, Redragon and more with up to 80% discount.

This is a good opportunity to secure cell phones, headphones, peripherals and even portable electronics at a discount, so don’t waste time and check out some suggestions:

  • Baseus Mini GPS Tracker for R$49.90
  • Baseus Anti-Peeping Security Detector for R$42.90
  • Smartwatch COLMI P71 for R$64.23
  • SmartWatch QCY GTC S por R$188,30
  • Smartphone Realme C67, 128GB por R$1.089,00
  • Smartphone Realme Note 50, 128GB, por R$779,00
  • Smartphone Realme 12 5g, 256GB por R$1.599,00
  • Evolut Semi-Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with RGB for R$109.90
  • Logitech Mk235 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo, for R$142.90
  • HUION OSU Graphics Tablet with Pen for $122.00
  • Miniso × Sanrio EM-368 Wireless Headphones for R$101.90
  • Redragon G588 Headset with RGB LED for R$129.00
  • H’maston Wireless Headphones for R$85.00
  • Baseus Bowie E11 Wireless Headphones for R$87.90
  • H’maston Rs-35 Wireless Headphones for R$89.99
  • QCY Crossky Link T22 Wireless Headphones for R$175.20
  • QCY T17 Wireless Headphones for R$139.50
  • Mini Soundbar Knup com LEG RGB por R$56,99
  • Headphone Gamer sem fio QCY H4 por R$399,50
  • Lenovo Th30 Wireless Headphones for R$71.53
  • Baseus Bowie D05 Wireless Headphones for R$184.90
  • SSD Kingston A400, 480GB por R$86,99
  • Motorola Turbo Power 68w Charger for R$39.99
  • Mini Donut Maker, 1200W, for R$89.99
  • 3-in-1 Hair Styler Dryer Brush, for R$46.99
  • XDG-96 Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker with RGB LED, for R$124.99
  • Kit with 60 Fini candy packets in assorted flavors, for R$45.99
  • Titanium 12v Screwdriver and Drill, for R$119.90
  • 11L Foldable Mini Washing Machine for R$104.99
  • Portable Mini Sewing Machine for R$66.98
  • Mini Thermal Printer for R$66.99
  • Britânia BFE43 Electric Oven, 43L for R$309.90
  • Mondial Rb-08 Fast Clean Robot Vacuum Cleaner, for R$307.99
  • Wacom Intuos S CTL4100 Graphics Tablet for $345.90

1 year of free shopping on ShopeeSource: Shopee / Reproduction

In addition to the discounts, Shopee’s Anniversary is also giving away 1 year of free shopping on the website or app!

To participate in the draw, simply purchase lucky tickets for the cost of 2 Shopee coins until July 8th. 3 participants will be drawn, who will receive 52 vouchers worth R$500 throughout the year and other free shipping coupons.

It is worth noting that the vouchers will not be cumulative, and after the draw the winners will be contacted and will have up to 5 business days to redeem their prize.

Don’t miss out on Shopee’s 7.7 Anniversary offers as the discounts and coupons are valid today only!


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