Your smartphone is slow when opening apps, crashing or no longer receiving messages operating system updates? So, it’s time to go in search of a new model that won’t let you down. The good news is that you can take advantage of Party promotion on the Casas Bahia App and secure discounts on devices from major brands, such as Apple, Samsung, Motorola and Xiaomi!

Com Exclusive offers that go up to 32% off, you can secure even more 10% OFF, using the coupon FESTANOAPPif it’s yours first in-app purchase. Whether for personal or work use, the smartphone has become an essential item in everyday life, facilitating activities such as communication, shopping and payments, location and entertainment.

Below, check out tips and offers to help you choose your new smartphone without making mistakes and saving money:

How to choose a smartphone

Look 3 quick tips to make the best choice when buy a smartphone:

  1. Check if the RAM is sufficient to handle your most used apps: image and video editing apps, or even some games, require more, for example.

  2. Give preference to camera performance: just because a camera has a lot of megapixels doesn’t mean it’s the best. Models with a good stabilizer, night mode e optical zoom result in higher image quality.

  3. The more battery the betterr: battery life is very important to avoid having to charge it several times a day. Check out the options that last longer and, most importantly, that load faster!

Party on the Casas Bahia App

Did you like the tips? Check out a selection of smartphones below, such as the iPhone 15 Pro Max and Galaxy S24 Ultra, with up to 32% off on the Casas Bahia app to secure yours:

  • Smartphone Motorola Moto G24, 128GB por R$ 749,00
  • Smartphone Samsung Galaxy M15 5G, 128GB por R$ 841,94
  • Smartphone Apple iPhone 13, 128GB Estelar por R$ 3.579,00
  • Smartphone Motorola Moto G84, 256GB por R$ 1.399,00
  • Smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 13C, 256GB por R$ 1.499,00
  • Smartphone Apple iPhone 14, 128GB por R$ 3.966,78
  • Smartphone Samsung Galaxy A15 4G, 128GB por R$ 799,00
  • Smartphone Motorola Moto G34, 128GB por R$ 869,00
  • Smartphone Samsung Galaxy A05, 128GB por R$ 719,00
  • Smartphone Apple iPhone 15, 256GB verde por R$ 4.999,00
  • Smartphone Motorola Edge 40 Neo, 256GB por R$ 1.889,00
  • Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S23 FE, 128GB por R$ 2.499,00
  • Smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro, 256GB por R$ 2.883,51
  • Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S23, 512GB por R$ 2.959,20
  • Smartphone Apple iPhone 15, 128GB azul por R$ 4.799,00
  • Smartphone Apple iPhone 12, 128GB por R$ 3.338,91
  • Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S23, 256GB preto por R$ 2.999,00
  • Smartphone Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max, 512 GB por R$ 9.404,01
  • Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, 512GB por R$ 8.199,00

To check out all the models on sale, Visit the Casas Bahia app offers page! Don’t forget to use the FESTOU coupon to guarantee the discount!


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