The next Apple Watch SE may feature a new material in the body of the device to reduce manufacturing costs and lower the price of the final product, according to Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman.

According to the columnist, the future smart watch is in the development phase by the company. One possibility is that he dispense with the aluminum body used in the latest version, released in 2022, and adopt a rigid plastic.

This way, the price of the device could drop without compromising its appearance so much. Currently, the Apple Watch SE costs in Brazil from R$ 3,299 — while the cheapest model in the Series 9 line costs R$4,999 or more.

O Apple Watch SE.Source: Apple

In addition to the material used, other changes could be made to reduce the price and reach the same price as rivals such as the recent Galaxy Watch FE. In the Brazilian market, Samsung’s model costs half the price of an Apple Watch SE.

Expectations for the Apple Watch Series 10

The year 2024 marks the tenth anniversary of the Apple Watch, Apple’s smartwatch.

For this reason, according to Gurman, there are many possible changes that can be made by the company in the next models in the line, codenamed N217 and N218.

The most likely change is in the size of the screen, which should be larger and be the same size as the Apple Watch Ultra display. The watches will also have a new chip, but this should not yet mean the use of features from the Apple Intelligence platform.

Among the tenth generation sensors, rumors involve a sensor to help hypertensive patients and another for patients with sleep apnea. The long-awaited blood glucose monitor, however, is still expected to take some time — despite having improved in internal tests recently, according to the journalist.

Apple may reveal a future Apple Watch SE alongside the tenth generation of the smartwatch. The idea is that the company announce devices in Septemberat the conference that usually also serves as the presentation of the new iPhones.

However, if technological or manufacturing problems arise, the brand is already considering postponing the start of sales until sometime in 2025.


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