Aurore Galves Orjol is running in the 8th constituency of Isère. The objective of his candidacy is “to integrate bitcoin into life” and “to properly supervise this sector”.

Put bitcoin at the heart of the legislative elections so that the general public understands this subject. Here is the project of Aurore Galves Orjol (classified as miscellaneous), candidate in the 8th constituency of Isère for the 2024 legislative elections, who is running without a label and without a party but with a project: “highlighting Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies “.

“The idea is to present an application to talk about bitcoin because the holders of this cryptocurrency demand consideration,” Aurore Galves Orjol told BFM Crypto. “Rather than vote blank, vote bitcoin,” she continues.

With this application, this entrepreneur and professor in business schools in Lyon would like to “try to integrate Bitcoin into life and properly supervise this sector”. Her desire is to “create an optimal solution in France by drawing the best things from society”, and for her, bitcoin is one of them.

On her profession of faith, the candidate asks voters to make the choice that “truly belongs to them”, “an incentivized ecology” and “a protected digital life”.

Aurore Galves Orjol's profession of faith for the 2024 legislative elections.
Aurore Galves Orjol’s profession of faith for the 2024 legislative elections. © Nicolas Cantu

“Defend digital freedom and inclusion for all”

For his part, Nicolas Cantu, his deputy, explains that the objective of this candidacy is “to explore crucial concepts that are priorities for our future but are absent from political debates” and to compensate for “the shortcomings of education in France concerning currency, digital hygiene, and the energy transition”. The objective is to democratize bitcoin, “which will have a role in the transformation of the web” and will, in his opinion, be an “important lever of growth”. Their commitment: “to defend freedom and digital inclusion for all”.

According to the latest Adan study, carried out in partnership with KPMG and the Ipsos polling institute and published last March, 12% of French people (aged 18 and over) owned crypto-assets (cryptocurrencies, NFT or stablecoin) early 2024.

In the 8th constituency of Isère for the 2024 legislative elections, Aurore Galves Orjol will face Caroline Abadie (Renaissance-Ensemble and outgoing MP), Jacques Lacaille (Lutte Ouvrière), Jean-Claude Lassalle (LR), Hanane Mansouri ( LR-RN platform) and Cécile Michel (New Popular Front).


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