Amid precautionary measures to minimize losses in Rio Grande do Sul, such as government subsidies, there is also a great concern about electric shocks, which can occur precisely as a result of devices connected to the electrical grid.

In addition to this issue, We decided to give some tips that can be valuable in the recovery of electronics and household appliances for people from all over Brazil. Many of them can save devices, recovering them from damage that could be permanent. So, enjoy below!

After a flood, there are electronics that can be salvaged; see how! (Getty Images/Reproduction)Fonte:  Getty Images

Is there a way to recover wet electronic devices?

Yes! It is possible to recover wet electronic devices – including those that were submerged in water after a major flood. However, it is necessary to pay attention to some specific procedures for this recovery to be effective.

Furthermore, there are some types of electronics and household appliances that have greater restoration adhesion, such as refrigerators and washing machines. Small devices, including headphones and cell phones, can also be recoveredbut a certain immediacy is necessary for this to happen.

In common sense, there is a practically infallible tip for small appliances that suffer from water floods. Most people will suggest that you cover a certain device with rice so that the liquids can be absorbed.

And although this food cereal is really effective in removing moisture, unfortunately, this will only happen on the outside of the device.

Broadly speaking, small electronics usually recover after being flooded with water.Broadly speaking, small electronics usually recover after being flooded with water.Fonte:  GettyImages

In this sense, it is important disassemble all parts of the device so that a deeper cleaning can be carried out, including drying the internal part of the devices. We know that, currently, most cell phones and computers are waterproof, but we cannot always blindly trust the manufacturers.

For this reason, if you left your small electronic device exposed to water, remember that internal defense mechanisms and the rice technique alone will not be enough for a complete recovery. In these cases, it is also recommended that these devices be taken to an authorized service center so that the repair can be evaluated.

Tips on how to repair water-soaked appliances

Now, talking about larger appliances and electronics, you need to be very careful. If you believe the item can be recovered, go ahead.

And even if you don’t believe it, there is also a recommendation to undergo a technical assessment to understand which mechanisms can still work.

1. Do not plug the device into the socket before checking that it is completely dry

Before anything, The main tip related to recovering electronics lost due to the action of water is not to connect it to power in any way. It may appear harmless to the naked eye — and even practically intact — but inside it may be being corroded by tiny particles that are dangerous in contact with electricity.

Furthermore, if the device is working perfectly, it could be that, without the necessary care, you could end up ruining it for good.

2. Open the device and check its integrity

Before carrying out a more in-depth test, it is important to open the electronics for inspection. From there, using the appropriate tools, which include screwdrivers or Philips, you will be able to know if it has already burned or can still be recovered.

An essential tip in this process is to photograph all the parts that are removed from the device. So, in addition to documenting their condition, asking others for their opinion, you will also be able to know how to assemble them later in the correct order.

3. Clean electronic devices carefully

Once the device is open, it is recommended that it be cleaned with a paper towel or dry cloth. If necessary, also use specific cleaning liquids for electronics, such as isopropyl alcohol, or running water.

With the help of a toothbrush, for example, you can also scrub areas with a lot of dirt.

Pay attention to the specific operating items of each appliance to know how to fully recover them.  (Getty Images/Reproduction)Pay attention to the specific operating items of each appliance to know how to fully recover them. (Getty Images/Reproduction)Fonte:  Getty Images

4. Wait until the equipment is 100% dry

After thorough cleaning, leave the devices to dry in the sun for long hours. Blowers and hairdryers are also welcome. Clean flannels and paper towels after natural drying help ensure the items are dry.

5. Check the specifications of each appliance before turning it on

Then, making sure that the device is completely dry and not at all damp, assemble it and try to plug it into the socket. Washing machines, refrigerators and even electric ovens can have testing routines. Therefore, see the instruction manual for how to perform this step.

There are more specifics regarding certain electronics and household appliances. Refrigerators and washing machines, for example, generally need water to function. Therefore, it is interesting to check only the individual parts of these devices so that they fully function.

6. If the wet electronic device does not turn on, take it to an authorized service center

If after going through all these steps, the device you tried to recover did not show any signs of life, take it to specialized technical assistance for a final check, as there is still hope. In case of total loss, do not insist. Your physical security is worth gold.

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