Some companies are noticing that blockchain is becoming a fertile ground for the development and reliability of artificial intelligence.

Investment funds in the crypto industry are looking for returns and growth. To do this, some companies have decided to look at the interconnection between blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. For example, bitcoin miners, thanks to their data centers and computing power, will put themselves at the service of artificial intelligence. They will thus be able to lead projects related to this field and create real common technologies between blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Some companies are therefore investing in these areas. This is the case of Sentient, which raised $85 million to develop an open source artificial intelligence solution to compete with OpenAI. Several investors participated in this fundraising such as Ethereal, Robot Ventures, Symbolic Capital, Delphi, Dao5, Nomad and Primitive Ventures.

Ora, a company specializing in the development of artificial intelligence models on blockchain, and Bittensor, a start-up that develops a kind of marketplace by buying and selling capacities for developers to come and train their artificial intelligence, have each raised $20 million.

Pantera Capital, an investment fund present in the cryptocurrency industry, notes that the convergence between blockchain technology and artificial intelligence is becoming the trend of the moment. For the company, blockchain is becoming a favorable ground for the development and reliability of artificial intelligence. For the company, these two sectors should become inseparable within a few years.

Antoine Larigaudrie, with S├ębastien Bordry


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