The two sectors will bond over the data center issue and provide mutual benefits, according to a Bitwise study.

20,000 billion dollars. This is the amount of additional contribution to global GDP by 2030 that the crypto and AI sectors could add together, according to Bitwise, a fund manager specializing in cryptocurrencies. The firm believes that the crypto sector and artificial intelligence are linked and will provide mutual benefits.

“The race for AI is creating a shortage of data centers, chips and access to electricity and around 83% of data center capacity under construction has already been rented in advance,” explains Bitwise .

They cannot then follow the development of AI which requires storing large quantities of data.

This is where bitcoin miners come in. The computer networks that secure the Bitcoin blockchain are designed to process and store large quantities of data.

“They have resources (powerful chips, advanced cooling systems and associated infrastructure) that AI companies need for their development,” explains Juan Leon, chief analyst for Bitwise.

AI will be able to provide support to the Bitcoin ecosystem

Generative AI could in turn provide an additional advantage for the mining industry, particularly in terms of the efficiency of information validation. It also provides broader support for the Bitcoin ecosystem, which relies on these miners to process transactions and secure the network. Juan Leon also explains that blockchain networks could provide “transparency and immutability, to counter the worst potential abuses of AI”.

For its part, the auditing firm PwC predicts that AI and crypto could add respectively $15.7 trillion and $1.8 trillion to the global economy by 2030, a total of $17.5 trillion.

Antoine Larigaudrie and Sébastien Bordry


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