Analyst firm Steno Research predicts net inflows of $15 billion to $20 billion into Ether ETFs, which could send the crypto’s price sharply higher.

Soon an ether at 6,500 dollars? Excitement is growing about ether ETFs, especially in the United States. Several cryptocurrency analysis firms see a clear acceleration in the adoption of this financial product.

If the future issuers of ether ETFs have received a green light in principle from the SEC (the American stock market regulator) on these products, they are missing one last document for them to begin their active listing: the S1 authorization which should be issued to them in the coming days, according to specialists. This form is a document used by companies that plan to go public to register their securities as a “registration statement under the Securities Act of 1933”. This is the law that regulates the primary markets for financial securities, that is to say where financial assets are issued for the first time.

So, with these positive indicators, Steno Research predicts positive net flows in these products of $15 to $20 billion within a year, which would lead to the price of ether doubling to almost $6,500, according to its forecasts. This Monday, July 1, the price of ether is hovering around $3,478 (+2.6% over 24 hours), according to data from Coinmarketcap.

The impact of ether ETFs would then be proportionally greater than those on bitcoin, in particular because of a smaller capitalization and less liquidity on this product. Other cryptocurrency analysis firms even mention an even stronger start for ether ETFs: Galaxy Research sees $5 billion in positive flows over the first 5 months of adoption of ether ETFs and Bitwise bets on $15 billion in net inflows over the first 18 months. Forecasts that could support crypto prices until the end of the year.

Antoine Larigaudrie and S├ębastien Bordry


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