Winamp was one of the most used applications in the 2000s. In it, it was possible to play MP3 files and other audio formats on computers, in addition to the possibility of “playing” at being a DJ, as the software had a series of sound mixing features. However, engineer Rodrigo Mendez went further and created a device that simulates the late app.

Called Linamp, it is an MP3 Player with a touchscreen that features a system that simulates the application’s famous interface. Furthermore, just like traditional Winamp, it has support for a series of audio formats, including some more recent ones.

The device is powered by a Raspberry Pi 4B board, and has a 32 GB SD card to store files. Unfortunately, Linamp is just a Mendez project, i.e. it is not for sale to other fans of the application that marked a generation.

Linamp is an MP3 Player with the late Winamp interface.Source: Tom’s Hardware/Reproduction

USB and Ethernet connections and 7.9-inch screen

The Linamp also draws attention for its design, which is very reminiscent of other stereos, such as car stereos. Although it does not have built-in speakers, the device has USB, Ethernet and 3.5 mm connectionsso you can even plug in headphones to play music.

Your system already has DietPi, a Linux distribution based on Debian, which runs on Raspberry Pi. It also brings a 7.9-inch ultra-wide touchscreen with classic Winamp interface. It is worth remembering that one of the features of the software was precisely the extensive customization, whether of colors or graphic elements, such as control buttons, music lists and more.

The Linamp has a series of connections on its back.The Linamp has a series of connections on its back.Source: Tom’s Hardware/Reproduction

And to compose the external part of the device, Mendez resorted to parts made with 3D printersmainly on the front of the device, precisely to fit the Winamp interface exactly.

See below a video showing Linamp in action:


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