YouTube Music may soon get a generative artificial intelligence feature that will allow you to create personalized radios using specific prompts. The new feature is being tested with a small group of users, as revealed by 9to5Google on Sunday (7).

People chosen to participate in the test have access to the “Request music the way you want” function on the streaming home screen, according to the publication, similar to the already known “Start radio”. By tapping on it, the user requests songs in a chat interface, writing what you are looking for.

The new feature has already appeared for some YouTube Music users.Source: Reddit/Reproduction

In the prompt window, it is not a good idea to enter personal data or sensitive information when interacting with YouTube Music’s generative AI, as the app suggests. It is worth noting that You can also use your voice to enter descriptions. of the songs you want to hear.

Another alternative is in the prompts suggested by the audio service itself from Google. Epic soundtracks, Moscow rock scene, catchy pop songs and upbeat pop anthems are some of them, as well as the “Surprise me!” option, where the tool makes the choices randomly.

Radio created with generative AI

In an example of AI-powered custom radio on YouTube Music Shared on Reddit, the station was generated from the prompt “Queer Hip Hop Beats” and given the “Created for You” badge. The tool added the following description: “Rhymes and flows from the heart, a celebration of queer pride in the art of hip hop.”

The streaming reports that The quality and accuracy of the results may vary at this time, as the feature is under development.. However, there is no information on whether the technology will be made available only to the platform’s subscribers or whether free users will also have access to it.

Radio created by YouTube Music's generative AI.Radio created by YouTube Music’s generative AI.Source: Reddit/Reproduction

For now, There is no release date yet from the role of creating personalized radio stations with generative AI on YouTube Music for the general public.


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