In this compilation we are going to list 10 Free copyright-free video banksand best of all, without watermark so you can use them freely in any of your digital creations.

If you prefer, we also have a list with the best free copyright-free image banks so you can complement what you see in this article.


Pexels is a repository of free visual resources, including high-quality photographs and videos. In fact, it has become very popular among content creators, designers, marketing professionals, and other users who need quality images and videos for their projects.

Previously, Pexels focused primarily on photography, but has since expanded its offerings and now also offers a large selection of free videos. Your license allows personal and commercial use of the videos, which means that You can use them in your personal or commercial projects without having to pay royalties or obtain additional permissions.

In addition to this, Pexels has a search engine that allows you to find videos by keywords, categories or popularity, in addition to The videos are available in different resolutionsso you will have the possibility to choose the appropriate quality for your project, from SD to Full HD.


In the case of videos, Pixabay also provides a wide selection of free clips that They can be downloaded and used in personal or commercial projects without having to pay royalties or attribute authorship. Like Pexels, Pixabay offers a search engine to find videos by keywords, category or popularity.

Pixabay also provides different resolution options for videosas well as showing details about the duration, file size and available formats for each video.


This has been one of our great discoveries, and it is that Your license to use is completely free.. We can use it for both personal and commercial purposes, and it does not require attribution to the author.

Unlike Pexels and Pixabay, focuses exclusivelysively in the free videos without Copyright and does not offer other types of visual resources such as photographs or illustrations.

An interesting feature of is that Every week they add new videos to their libraryso you’ll always have something new to watch or available to download.


As in the previous cases, Your license is completely free, without attribution for personal and commercial use.

Dareful has a wide variety of video categories, ranging from natural landscapes and cities to abstract animations and visual effects. This free video bank also offers a search engine and navigation links by category to facilitate exploration and find videos on specific topics.


Mazwai also has a Free use license, without the need for attribution for personal and commercial projects.

This free Copyright-free image bank stands out for offering careful curation of videos and for its focus on cinematographic quality, and all the videos are created by professional videographers.

We highlight their visual and narrative aesthetics in these videos, and as we say, they have a team of artists who work for this platform. In this way, you will ensure that the videos you find here have been made by true experts in the audiovisual field.


In the case of Vecteezy you can use the videos that are labeled “Free” in personal and commercial projects, but they do require attributionthat is, you mention where you obtained the video from (for example, in the YouTube description, if you upload the content to said platform).

Therefore, you can search for free videos based on different categories, topics and keywords, and download them for use in personal or commercial projects. However, while some resources may be available for free, others will require a subscription or license to use.

If you want to have peace of mind with its use, go directly to the videos that indicate “Free”, and attribute authorship.


In the case of Videvo, the license is for personal and commercial use, and does require attribution to the author unless you pay for a payment plan.

Free videos can be downloaded and used free of charge (as long as authorship is attributed), while paid videos require a subscription or purchase of a license for use. Paid videos typically have higher resolution and may have more flexible terms of use, such as removing the requirement for author attribution.


Videezy offers by default a Free license for personal and commercial use, but does require attribution to the author unless you pay for a payment plan.

The design of this video bank is very similar to all the ones we have seen before, but we highlight that we can search among the most recent uploaded videos, or by category. Remember that, if you need it, you can also access the search for vectors, photos, or PSD files (for Photoshop) from the menu, so they are not limited exclusively to videos.


The free Vidsplay license allows you to use the videos for personal and commercial projects, but you must link to when you use one of their videos.

Among the categories of this video bank you will find some popular ones such as those related to the sky, water, trees, winter, drone view, nature, or abstract backgrounds.

Likewise, from the main menu you will also easily access the most popular videos according to the community of content creators.

Canva Free Stock Videos

Finally, we find the free stock of Canva, one of the best-known graphic design tools. Although Canva has some free stock videosmany others are paid and to remove the watermark you will have to pay a symbolic amount (approximately €1) for each video.

However, we also recommend that you review this bank of videos because among all the variety they offer, you are sure to find one that can fit your needs for free.

We hope that this compilation with our selection of the best free copyright-free video banks, and without watermark, has been useful to you. And you, do you use something different? Which one has been most useful to you? We read you in comments!


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