As always when I or any other user with a voice on a blog offers you advice, remember that advice is just advice and that you can or cannot use them depending on whether or not you believe in what you are reading. Today I propose to you 10 tips to use Facebook in a consistent way and avoid the discomfort of your contacts.

  1. As everything in this life don’t do to your users or friends what you don’t want for yourself.
  2. If you are a user of more than one social network in addition to Facebook, such as Tuenti or Twitter, and you have repeated friends on them, remember that they will not want to hear the same thing through different channels, as far as possible. synchronize.
  3. And you have synchronized your Facebook account with Twitter and you happen to be a very active user on Twitter, you will surely take over the boards of your Facebook users and without a doubt their patience.
  4. Just because Facebook recommends friends doesn’t mean everyone has to be friends.a social network tries to communicate with friends or like-minded users, but do not believe that “the friends of my friends are my friends” or you will end up making good the saying “you are more fake than a Facebook friend”.
  5. Just like not all your friends in real life like the same thing, remember that your friends on Facebook are people and you should not invite everyone to the same thing by system.
  6. Use well privacyand don’t show photos without restraint, your friends won’t like everyone seeing how they do handstands in their underwear.
  7. Yes, I’am your friend I am happy about your personal achievementsbut perhaps it is not the most advisable thing to publish your records in certain games on your wall, especially when you play every 10 minutes.
  8. Private messages: There are certain conversations that may not have a place on your wall. If something gets heated or is personal enough for the other person in the conversation not to comment on it in public, you may want to use private messages.
  9. Making friends is relating to people, remember this when you invite someone and give them your personal touch with a simple welcome message.
  10. A profile represents a person: lately people are becoming clearer about it, but it doesn’t hurt to remember, I’m normally friends with people, if you are a company, website, association, etc… your site is within the pages, then I will be a fan of yours, but not friend.

Lastly, say that It is as valid to give advice as to receive itso I hope your own to nourish the list, thank you.

Via: Carrero


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