Maybe you also have a fanpage and these tips or trickswhich have been a revelation for me, may be of use to you.

They are small strategies that I was completely unaware of, and that I have started to put into practice since yesterday, and that I can say that they work, because in just 24 hours of the page’s life the results have been spectacular.

I know that it is not one of the usual topics that I publish, but I think it may interest many people who are carrying out their blogs with work and enthusiasm.

If you don’t have a blog or fanpage, don’t continue reading, I don’t want to bore you!

But if you have a fanpage and you want to push hard, this you are interested!

Obviously the content of public law is the most important thingbut the same thing happens with a blog, so I will consider that you already know that and take it into account.

Before starting with the advice, I must tell you about the Edge Rank.

To prevent our Facebook home page from collapsing and we can see only what interests us (supposedly), Facebook invented this formula a long time ago, which it named Edge Rank.

The Edge Rank is nothing more than a statistical algorithm, but the bad thing is that they change it all the time (like Google).

What is it for? Roughly speaking: Make a calculation and depending on the number of interactions What we do with the news we see (if we click on the publication or give a like, a comment, or share…), Facebook understands that we are interested and therefore allows us to continue seeing more publications from this person or page, or not. .

This brings me to the first tip:

(1) You need engaged followers

A more interactions from your users with your poststhe more likely you are that your news will continue to appear on their home page.

The important thing is not the number of followers (in fact you can buy them), the important thing is that your followers interact with your content.

One of the things I have learned is that if you see a page with thousands of followers but very few likes or comments on its posts, distrust. They are purchased fans, who do not interact, which also harms the Edge Rank.

This connects with the second tip…

(2) Do not invite your friends to follow your fanpage

Yes, I know that’s the first thing they recommend, but after what I’ve researched, it’s best that you don’t do it.

As I have explained to you before, you should not obsess over the number of followers. At the end of the day it is just a number, and it can be falsified if you pay. That’s why I told you that what benefits you the most is having engaged followersthat is, those who are really interested in your content.

What’s the point if my schoolmates from when I was little and that I never see anymore (but that I have added on my personal Facebook) or my husband’s cousins ​​give me a “Like” on the page if then They will never interact with my content?

If we ask you to please follow us, I’m sure you’ll do it, out of commitment, out of solidarity, or whatever you want to call it, but then if you never give a like, a comment, don’t share, or what’s worse, hide our posts (this can be done), they are harming you!

There, your Edge Rank plummets, which greatly reduces your visibility on Facebook.

So no, I have not asked my friends to follow me, the only thing I have done has been to announce the opening of the page on my personal wall, and if anyone is really interested, then they are welcome.

(3) Find out about Facebook updates

Facebook It changes conditions and its operation all the time. So you should take a look from time to time at their blog, where they publish all the updates and news.

Recently, it was sanctioned, for example, to ask users to click on the image. Now they have removed it.

But, in one of its latest updates (which you can read here) pThey explicitly ask for likes or shares of the style publications, like if you like it or similar.

Here you can review Facebook’s regulations.

(4) So what increases your Edge Rank?

Of what you publish (in order of priority):
1- Images

2- Videos

3- Text

4- Links

In fact, images are 84% more effective than other publications. So now you know, you need to publish impact images.

Of the interactions from your fans:

1- Share

2- Comments

3- Likes

4- Click on the publication

The most important action is that share your content and then the comments. Apparently likes don’t help much, which surprised me quite a bit.

That’s why it’s important…

(5) Make a call to action

For the Edge Rank to be set on your page, you must “provoke” your followers to interact with your news.

Therefore, when you prepare a publication, it is important that you keep in mind:

  • It is vital publication time. You should check the page statistics to find out what time is the most recommended for you to publish.
  • The type of news; As I have explained to you before, images are the ones that produce the most interaction.
  • make questions or encourage them to take some action, and of course, interact with them, it’s not about publishing and that’s it.
  • try to publish news that is interesting for your audience, that makes them want to comment or share it. Don’t think about what you like, think about what your audience might like or need.

(6) Take care of the image of your page and update the cover regularly

If you have a blog, I understand that you take care of the aesthetics, you already know; Combined colors, good quality images. The Facebook page is a continuation of your blog, so it is obvious that you should take care of it too.

But if there is something especially important, it is to have the cover updated, at least every season, every three months.


Well, because when one of your posts appears in your followers’ feed, if they hover their mouse over your name, Facebook shows them a preview of your fan pageand it must be pristine.

(7) Use tabs

Tabs are the little tabs that appear below the cover of the page. The first two are fixed (biography and information), but you can choose the other 2.

You can link it, for example, to your Instagram (like I have done). You can do it from iconosquare.

(8) The perfect post

A formula that seems to work could be this:

  • Short and concise text. The recommendation would be no more than 60 characters.
  • A question or call to action.
  • An impact image related to the content.

Something very important that you should know is that the most advisable thing is that don’t post any links. Facebook punishes posts that show a direct link (that is, the www… appears in the text), since they are on the hunt for spam.

So if you want share a link to your blogwhat you should do is:

  • Copy the URL of the post you want to share in the text box.
  • An image will be generated with a photo of your entry.
  • Now, you delete the URL (very important).
  • And to finish, you write the text and the question.

By the way, for create spectacular montages and images I encourage you to try these free options on the internet: picmonkey, fotor, canva. Not all of us have access to or know how to use Photoshop. ?

(9) Publication frequency:

The experts’ recommendation is minimum 1 a day and maximum 3.

It is not about bombarding with publications, because it produces a tiring effect, but it must be a constant and daily work.

And it’s always better to be manual publishingunscheduled (for Edge Rank).

(10) Promote your fanpage

As? This is constant work. The best thing is that you participate in other pages similar to yours, not with spam!, but yes commenting and giving opinions.

There are also other resources such as the drawswhich works very well for many pages.

In any case, the most important thing is to offer quality contentbut of course, you already know that.

And that’s all.

It has taken me quite a while to synthesize everything I have learned these days, but I hope it has been worth it to you in some way.

And you know, if you know any Facebook secrets that you want to share with me, I’m all ears!

Via: From my house to the world


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