The influence of the Bitcoin halving on the price of the largest token in the world and in fact all other crypto coins should not be underestimated. In the past we have always seen that a Bitcoin halving causes enormous price increases in the longer term – even now that the price has already risen considerably in the run-up to the halving.

Investing in Bitcoin seems like a safe option, but investing in an altcoin can yield you much more. Which altcoin will explode after the post-halving crypto dip? Especially for you, we have put together a top 5 crypto to get into now.

Crypto dip imminent?

Investors who want to get involved in major tokens now have been warned: a crypto dip post halving seems imminent. Although the long-term prospects are and remain bullish, a sell-off is inevitable given the historical price development. This is also something that JPMorgan and Arthur Hayes, for example, warn about. Fortunately, this dip seems to herald a good buying opportunity.

A further Bitcoin dip seems imminent.  Source: Tradingview
A further Bitcoin dip seems imminent. Source: Tradingview

The Bitcoin halving ensures that miners receive fewer tokens for their work, and therefore fewer tokens appear on the exchanges. This ‘supply squeeze’ will benefit the price of the token in the long term – after all, Bitcoin is issued less quickly. When Bitcoin rises, other tokens often rise along with it. The best crypto investment is a token that is not yet worth much, for example because it is still in presale or has only just been listed on the exchanges.

Top 5 crypto investeringen na Bitcoin halving dip

Which altcoin will explode is always difficult to predict. However, based on conversations with various traders, analysts and experts, we have managed to put together the following top 5 cryptos:

  1. Dogerse – Multi-chain meme coin
  2. WienerAI – Happy AI meme token
  3. Slothana – New hype on Solana
  4. Mega Dice – The future of GambleFi
  5. 99Bitcoins – Investing in crypto and yourself

Read on to find out why we think these tokens are the best investments in view of the upcoming crypto dip!

1. Dogeverse – Multi chain meme coin

Leader of our top 5 crypto to invest in now is Dogeverse. This meme coin has already raised more than $11 million during the presale. An unprecedented amount for a presale meme. What makes this token so popular?

Dogeverse is a meme coin that builds on the same theme as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. The popularity of such meme coins alone is not a sufficient explanation for the enormous interest in Dogeverse. The special thing: this ERC20 token wants to work its way through every possible chain with a network of bridges, portals, and wormholes.

For example, Dogeverse is not only an ERC20 token, but also a Solana meme coin. The token is also listed on Binance and Avalanche, among others. This multitude of blockchains makes it possible for a large number of crypto memers, normally tied to their own chain, to unite around this token.

The use of so many chains also makes Dogeverse a very useful token: if you own it, you can always trade under the best conditions. Are you going for a low-cost transaction on Solana? Or for the greater staking revenues in Ethereum?

Raising over $11 million is most likely just the beginning for Dogeverse – it is honestly quite possible that this token could reach a market cap of $1 billion post-launch.

2. WienerAI – Cheerful AI meme token with potential

WienerAI was launched not so long ago, but is already making quite a name for itself. This meme coin, based on an extremely tall futuristic dachshund, has many features that may appeal to investors.

Meme coin enthusiasts are currently falling in love with the cheerfully designed dachshund token, which is virtually unique in design and appearance in a world where many concepts try to imitate each other.


More serious investors also see potential in the token. As an ERC20 token, it is possible to stake WienerAI for high rewards. In addition, the team behind the token focuses on what they call ‘upgradeability’: the token and the platform are designed in such a way that they can quickly respond and move along with any significant technological development.

The focus is mainly on AI functionalities. According to the team behind the token, we are only at the beginning of the countless possibilities that Artificial Intelligence will bring.

The presale has an increasing price schedule, which makes it wise to buy the token early – experience shows that things can go quickly with promising cryptos!

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3. Slothana – New hype on Solana

The meme coin Slothana proves that things can go quickly with promising cryptos in the presale. With a minimalist design and the message ‘send crypto’, this Solana meme coin managed to raise more than $15 million in no time.

This market cap makes it possible that Slothana will soon appear on major exchanges. Which exchanges these will be is (like many other things surrounding the project) still shrouded in mystery. There are plenty of rumors, for example that Binance would be ready to include the token in its range.

The team behind this meme coin is also said to have previously been responsible for $SMOG – a highly successful token that earned early investors profits of x75.

The presale ends on April 29 – tomorrow. Anyone who still wants to participate in the presale for (1 SOL yields 10,000 SLOTH) should go straight to the official website of the project.

4. Mega Dice – The Future of GambleFi

Are you not a fan of meme coins but do you like to take a gamble? Thanks to the new Mega Dice token you can invest in a major crypto casino and share in the profits.

Mega Dice is a crypto casino with more than 50,000 players and a monthly player stake of more than $50 million. The Mega Dice token was created to be used on this casino platform, which gives access to benefits such as rakebacks and exclusive games.

However, the Mega Dice token can also be used as a staking coin, with high rewards: part of the winnings from the casino will be paid out to token holders. This ensures that even people who do not actually have much interest in gambling invest. They also see that GambleFi is getting bigger and that Mega Dice is already one of the market leaders in this field.

In a short time, half a million was raised for Mega Dice: this creates expectations for the future. Would you also like to benefit from a token that could possibly provide you with a huge return? Then get in now.

5. 99Bitcoins – Investing in crypto and yourself

99Bitcoins concludes these top 5 crypto investments after the crypto dip, but is certainly not the least token. 99Bitcoins (99BTC) comes with a special new revenue model, with which you not only replenish your wallet but also increase your knowledge about crypto.

By taking lessons on the 99Bitcoins platform about everything related to crypto trading and Web3, you will receive tokens: this principle is called Learn-to-Earn.

99Bitcoins has been an important knowledge hub for everything in the field of crypto for years. Many of today’s professional traders would never have been able to do their jobs if they weren’t able to use the 99Bitcoins knowledge base. The classes on 99Bitcoins promise to be not only educational, but also interactive and entertaining – and while you earn money by taking classes, you are mainly investing in yourself.

In a short time, almost $1 million was raised for this special project. Logical too, because going back to school can bring you a lot.

Disclaimer: This article contains insights from independent authors and is not part of’s editorial content. This is not investment advice, please do your own research.


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