December 23th
By Juan Merodio

What are marketing mistakes?

Digital marketing is an excellent way for a company, both new creations and companies that have been around for a long time, to increase their visibility and attract new audiences and clients, but sometimes mistakes are made in the digital marketing campaigns that should be avoided.

A third of customers discover new brands through social networks, which are also becoming a search channel, especially among younger audiences, therefore it is not surprising that social networks and marketing websites companies are the two most important marketing channels for this year with more than 80% of marketing professionals taking advantage of these avenues to reach those potential customers.

marketing mistakes

After social networks, email marketing follows very closely, and it is not surprising, since it offers a return according to data from different statistics of about 36 euros for every euro invested. Therefore, the return on investment of email marketing done well is enormous, and I point out what is done well, because if you are doing email marketing and it is not working for you, it is probably because there is something that is not being done well.

If this is your case, do an audit with a professional, see if the messages are appropriate, the frequency, if the database is well refined, well segmented, or if the messages are personalized.

All of this that I tell you helps you improve the conversion performance of your marketing strategies.

In short, companies must have a solid digital marketing strategy to remain competitive, however, many make basic mistakes when developing these strategies, and I want to delve into that now, one of those. traps in digital marketinghow to avoid them.

What should we not do in digital marketing?

  1. Not identifying the target audience.

The first is not identifying the target audience and their pain points. This is one of the most common mistakes in digital marketing when defining a strategy, especially in newly created companies, startups, and entrepreneurial projects.

In these cases, they usually launch without having a clear idea of ​​who they want to sell to and what pain points they are going to connect with.

Sometimes it is tempting to go online to reach as many customers as possible, however, digital marketing actions are more successful when they have a clearer focus and a more limited audience, small niches, or micro-niches. First, what is known as a buyer persona is created, and then the strategy around it is created.

  1. Neglect the website and the blog.

When we neglect our website, or our blog, we neglect the important part of SEO, search engine positioning, and as a result, in the end, it directly affects no one finding your brand on Google.

With the growth of social networks, there are companies that focus exclusively on these social channels and leave aside things as important or more important as the company’s own website.

Having a blog with content and working on search engine positioning is essential.

Many times you find websites that are outdated or with very little information, with an obsolete design, and all of this directly affects how customers see your company, and therefore, affects the conversion of your products or services.

We must work on visibility on the Internet so that they find us on Google through our website, because in the end, it is one of the main channels of traffic entry to our business. Think, it is the showcase of your company, and it should give the feeling of professionalism and care that it deserves.

  1. Do not automate or customize.

The third mistake most often made is leaving the potential of automation and personalization untapped.

When we create our marketing strategy we neglect automation processes, and this causes us to lose efficiency.

Currently, automation platforms offer enormous potential for this purpose, in addition to being accessible to any type of company. They allow you to adjust the content and communication to the preferences of each client among other benefits.

A recent study shows that 71% of customers expect to receive personalized messages from companies, therefore, we must take this data into account, because there we have a huge opportunity to differentiate ourselves from our competition.

Automation tools can help you streamline workflows and achieve results much more efficiently, however, to obtain this maximum benefit you must plan initially, otherwise the data will be isolated and you will not be able to access it. wear. By integrating personalization and automation into your marketing strategy from day one, you can build a complete and hyper-usable database.

  1. Not having social proof.

The fourth mistake is ignoring social proof. Ask yourself why customers should trust your brand, your company, your product, or your service, especially if it is a new company that does not have a reliable track record yet. This creates many more doubts for the buyer, which is why it is so important for companies to integrate social proof into their digital marketing strategy from the beginning.

When buying from an unknown brand on the internet, 95% of people read customer reviews first, we all do it, therefore, our potential buyer too, and whoever finds positive, negative or no reviews, directly affects your purchasing decision. It’s more of an issue of appearance and trust, which is why we have to get as many positive reviews on Google and testimonials from our clients as possible.

Customer reviews on your website also significantly increase conversions.

Another way to achieve that trust, that recognition, is to take advantage of the growing economy of creators and work with influencers, or influencers content creators, who can help you access a target audience more quickly, and transfer that trust by accelerating everything. This process.

A survey by the brand research department Statista showed that 45% of consumers between 18 and 34 years old had tried products recommended by micro influencers. 27% even said they had made purchases directly after seeing a post.

This not only happens among younger audiences, but it already influences older audiences.

  1. Not reviewing the marketing strategy.

The fifth and last mistake that we are going to see is not constantly reviewing and improving your marketing strategy. This is a very common mistake in companies, we develop or create a strategy, and we leave it there, thinking that it is valid for life.

Every digital marketing strategy must include constant reviews, regularly, personally I would say a maximum of 48 weeks.

We must work with roadmaps where, depending on the type of company, we review and pivot towards what works, leaving what does not work.

The functioning of a strategy depends on the type of company, because a large company is not the same as a small company.

A large company that has a lot of traffic on the Internet, and in a week can already run tests based on good data to know if something works or not. On the other hand, a small company that has 200 visits a day on its website may need three months to do that same test. That speed will change depending on certain parameters of your business.

This methodology of reviewing strategies has to go hand in hand with the methodology known as “SMART objectives”. That is, the objectives must be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and met within a certain time.

Applying all this, and avoiding the mistakes that I have mentioned, will help you have a really effective digital marketing strategy.

Juan Merodio

Juan Merodio is an expert in Digital Marketing and Popularizer of the New Economy (Web3, Blockchain, NFTs…). He has founded the company that bears his own name, Juan Merodio, and from where he and his team coordinate and develop business consulting in Marketing and Digital Transformation for companies in different parts of the world such as Spain, Latin America, Japan, Canada and the United States.

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