Many Facebook users access the social network daily to stay in touch with family and friends. However, few people know all the functions that the platform offers them. To get the most out of Facebook, there are a series of curious features that can help the user improve their experience on the social network.

1. Broadcast live video

It is a new feature on Facebook. The popularity of platforms for broadcasting live video or “streaming” has led Facebook to develop and integrate a live video broadcast system.

In order to carry out this action, it is essential to have a Facebook page. Once the user creates their page on Facebook, they will be able to broadcast live video that their page’s followers can enjoy. To start the broadcast you just have to click on publishing tools, video library and then select “Live”. From a Smartphone it can be done using the Facebook application by simply pressing the “Live” option

2. Download a copy of the profile

A user can download their Facebook profile to have access to it without having to enter the website. Logically, this will be a static version of your profile that will not be updated.

This option is interesting for those users who want to make a backup copy of all their photos, comments, videos, posts… To download you have to click on the icon in the upper right corner, click on “Settings” and then select the “download a copy of your information” option. Downloading may take a few minutes.

3. Control advertising

Internet advertising can be annoying. Facebook strives to show users ads that it believes are interesting to them. Despite this, sometimes the ad selection system can fail and show the user advertising that they consider inappropriate.

To change the type of advertising you receive, simply go to the configuration panel (upper right corner) and enter the ads tab. Once there, the user can mark and unmark the interests they consider appropriate.

In addition to this option, whenever Facebook shows an ad the user can hide it and Facebook will learn that that type of content is not relevant to them.

4. Save articles and videos to watch later

Finding an article or video that looks interesting on the wall and not having time to read it can be frustrating. It is possible that the next time you access Facebook, its algorithm will not show it again and that it will not remember what it was like to search for it. For these situations, Facebook also has an option that can be very useful.

All you have to do is click on the top right corner of the post and select the “save link” option. This way the content will remain in the “Saved” section which can be accessed from the sidebar in the “Favorites” section. When you have finished reading, you can keep it there or you can choose to remove it from the list.

5. Hidden games on Facebook Messenger

These are simple games that are more mini-games than games and are included in the Facebook messaging application. One of them is chess, to start the game you just have to write “@fbchess play” in the chat in the messaging application.

The other two games are simpler: one that challenges the player to dunk a basketball. To start it, just send the basketball icon through the chat.

The last game consists of giving the maximum number of touches with a soccer ball. In this case, to start the game you must send the soccer ball icon to the person you want to play with.


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