-->The Flow Horse, an experienced trader, warns that Ethereum’s dominance as the largest smart contract platform in the world is not guaranteed. The analyst states that Ethereum is like Compaq Computer Corporation, a computer company that was at the top for years before it became less relevant and was acquired by HP in 2002.

The scenario in which Solana becomes bigger than Ethereum has “certainly grown,” according to The Flow Horse.

Solana surpasses Ethereum?

“The possibility of Solana acquiring Ethereum has certainly grown. Current trends and sentiment among Ethereum’s biggest fans suggest that a natural reversion to the mean will occur in ETH’s favor.

But given that the industry is still in its infancy, it is too early to identify the definitive leader in smart contracts. Like Compaq in the early days of personal computing, Ethereum may now enjoy celebrity, but that does not guarantee permanent dominance,” said The Flow Horse.

As for Solana, The Flow Horse also has its eyes on the explosive memecoin ecosystem on the network. This causes a huge increase in volumes on decentralized exchange platforms on Solana.

Which memecoin does The Flow Horse choose?

If The Flow Horse had to choose a memecoin, he says it would be MEW, a new memecoin that he sees going mainstream on Coinbase sooner than dogwifhat (WIF), the largest memecoin on Solana.

“At this rate, it looks like MEW is getting a Coinbase listing for WIF. But joking aside, don’t ignore projects that come out of nowhere with thick order books and an unusually high market cap,” the analyst said.

Cat in a dogs world (MEW) launched a few days ago and already has a market cap of more than 600 million dollars. How is that possible? Who is behind these types of projects? What else can we expect from this?

Actually, no one knows the answer to those kinds of questions. That’s why it might be better to ignore these kinds of things as much as possible.

Source: https://bitcoinmagazine.nl/nieuws/analist-solana-kan-ethereum-voorbijgaan

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