Binance further strengthens its position as the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange platform.

“200,904,345 users trust us”. The cryptocurrency exchange platform Binance announced in a post published on June 8 that it had reached the milestone of 200 million users worldwide. It further strengthens its position as the leading exchange platform.

“Binance exceeds 200 million registered users worldwide. According to data from the official Binance website, as of June 8, 2024, the number of registered users on Binance has exceeded 200 million,” it is written on the site .

On X (formerly Twitter), the Binance account compares its number of users to the population of a country.

“If Binance were a country, it would be the 8th largest in terms of population with a total of 200 million people. Thank you to every Binance user!” According to Coinmarketcap, the volume of spot transactions in the last 24 hours on the platform was almost $10 billion, far ahead of Kraken ($385 million), Coinbase ($792 million), OKX ($1.4 billion). or even Bybit ($2.4 billion).

According to Coingecko data, in March 2024 (latest data available), Binance represented 49.7% of the global market for centralized crypto exchanges (as a share of volumes traded). Upbit was in 2nd position (9.4% market share), followed by Bybit (8.2%), OKX (7.5%) and Coinbase (6.8%).

562 million people around the world will own cryptocurrencies in 2024. A figure that represents 6.8% of the world population. According to a Triple A report, entitled “The State of Cryptocurrency Ownership Worldwide in 2024” and published on May 24, the number of crypto-asset holders increased by 33% compared to 2023 ( 420 million people held cryptocurrencies last year).


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