Crypto exchange Binance introduces its Next platform. Users of the exchange can therefore speculate on which tokens will come to the futures exchange.

The exchange says that users could nominate tokens to be taken onto the platform. Once listed, any trader can bet on it.

If they then manage to list the crypto token on the real exchange, these users will earn rewards. Consider vouchers for futures trading or discounts on trading costs. The value of the voucher is 1.2 times the trader’s choice.

Indirectly, traders therefore bet on potential token listings by purchasing a “choice” for 1 USDT. One can make predictions for up to three digital tokens, with a maximum of 100 choices at a time. If the token is not listed, the trader can get their stablecoins back.

The exchange clarifies that it is not a voting platform. The process of offering new cryptocurrencies on the platform remains as it is.

“Futures NEXT operates independently of Binance’s listing process and focuses on rewarding accurate market predictions rather than influencing token listings.”

Earlier today we reported how Binance US, the American subsidiary of the world’s largest exchanges, is completely disappearing. It has completely “imploded” since the SEC lawsuit, the firing of employees and also the resignation of employees.


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