Recent developments show that Binance, a leading global cryptocurrency exchange, has seen its assets under custody increase to over $100 billion by March 18. This impressive feat comes at a time when the US Department of Justice is taking action against the exchange and its co-founder Changpeng Zhao.

Assets under custody passes $100 billion

According to official statements, the exchange has reported that assets under user custody have increased significantly, more than doubling from $40 billion at the beginning of the year. The exchange emphasized its commitment to maintaining a 1:1 ratio of user funds, along with additional reserves that can be verified through the proof-of-reserves (POR) system. This system ensures transparency and security by allowing users to validate the exchange’s holdings.

Binance staff highlighted that the recent rise in digital asset prices is a major factor contributing to the growth of assets held by users. This trend reflects the continued bullish sentiment in the crypto market, leading to increased participation and investment in various digital assets.

Despite the positive figures presented by the exchange, experts have warned about the limitations of the proof-of-reserves system. While it confirms co-lateralization ratios exceeding 100% for major cryptocurrencies and altcoins, it does not provide a comprehensive view of an entity’s liabilities, which is essential for assessing equity.

Strategic shifts and operational focus

Strategic changes and a focus on operational matters were the focus of the exchange’s CEO Richard Teng, who sought to reassure stakeholders by emphasizing that the exchange has a debt-free capital structure. This ruling aims to strengthen confidence in the stock exchange’s financial stability amid regulatory scrutiny and market volatility.

It is important to note that the exchange has clarified the interpretation of the aggregate figures provided by blockchain market intelligence companies. While these figures provide insight into general market trends, they may include Binance operating funds in addition to user assets. For accurate assessment of user assets, Binance conducts monthly POR audits, ensuring transparency and accountability.

In a separate announcement, the exchange announced it is cutting ties with its venture capital arm, Binance Labs. Despite Binance Labs’ successful track record, with an average of more than 14x returns on invested projects and a portfolio value of $10 billion, the exchange emphasized that Binance Labs operates independently and has no direct ties to Binance or its cryptocurrency exchange operations.

This strategic decision reflects Binance’s focus on optimizing its operations and adapting its organizational structure to the changing regulatory landscapes and market dynamics. By placing a strong emphasis on regulatory compliance, financial transparency and operational efficiency, Binance aims to maintain its position as a leading player in the global cryptocurrency ecosystem.


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