The Realized Price for short-term holders of bitcoin has moved to $50,000 due to the gigantic increases in the recent period. That is impressive, because one month ago this rate was still at $ 40,000. The increases in this statistic are a good sign, because this price level usually acts as an important support point for the bitcoin price.

Wat is de Realized Price?

The Realized Price for bitcoin represents the average purchasing price of all bitcoin. To reach this price, you take the last prices at which all bitcoin on the blockchain last changed hands.

You can then make it even more specific by looking at certain time periods. In this case we look at the average purchase price of short-term holders.

These are people who have bought their bitcoin within the past 155 days and these are therefore investors who have entered relatively recently.

Usually, increases in the Realized Prize for short-term holders are a logical consequence of price increases, but the great thing is that this also provides an important support point at higher prices.

Bitcoin behaves as it did in December 2020

The increase in short-term holders Realized Price of 9 percent within one week means an increase comparable to December 2020. These increases ultimately preceded the rise in the bitcoin price from approximately $17,000 to $64,000 during the 2021 bull run.

That bull run then culminated in November 2021 with the bitcoin price of $ 69,000, which has now just been outclassed by the new all-time high of $ 69,200.

Short Term Holder Realized Price: (Source: Glassnode)

It would be fantastic if bitcoin can achieve similar results this bull run. That could ultimately result in a bitcoin price approaching $200,000. Prices that can change the lives of many bitcoiners who have been stacking for years.

Are you currently satisfied with the amount of bitcoin you own or are you already planning to stack much harder during the next bear market than you did in 2022-2023?


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