Interest in the upcoming bitcoin halving has increased significantly worldwide, almost doubling compared to the last time in 2020. This is evident from recent research by CoinWire. Google Trends data shows that searches for information about this event significantly increase from 51 to 100 days before the event. What’s interesting is that the Netherlands tops this list!

Previous bitcoin halvings were less popular

When the first bitcoin halving took place in November 2012, there was little awareness of the phenomenon, and it scored a zero on Google Trends. By the time of the second halving in July 2016, there was slightly more interest and the score reached four. However, the third halving in May 2020 saw a big jump in interest, almost thirteen times as much as before.

Europe shows great interest in bitcoin halving

There has been a lot of interest in the bitcoin halving, especially in European countries. Despite spot bitcoin ETFs being approved in the US and trading worth $200 billion, European countries dominate Google searches. The top five countries with the most interest are the Netherlands, Slovenia, Switzerland, Austria and Singapore.

It is striking that, with the exception of Singapore, the top ten cities most interested in halving are also in Europe. Zurich in Switzerland is at the top with a perfect score of 100, followed by Amsterdam and Rotterdam in the Netherlands with scores of 98 and 93. Cities such as Vienna in Austria and several German cities such as Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Munich, Frankfurt and Cologne also score highly.

Also interest from the US in halving bitcoin

Although the US ranks 22nd as a country in terms of searches for information about the bitcoin halving, some states such as North and South Dakota show noticeably high interest, each with a score of 100, similar to Zurich.


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