In a worrying trend, bitcoin miners’ reserves are hitting a low not seen since April 2021, CryptoPotato reports. This is evident from recent on-chain figures from CryptoQuant.

Bitcoin miners’ reserves historically low

Miners in particular, as well as short-term holders of Bitcoin, sold some of their holdings, which is one of the many reasons why the price fell below $61,000. According to the latest analysis from CryptoQuant, there has been a significant decline in mining company reserves, reaching the lowest level since April 2021. It means that these companies are exchanging bitcoin for cash in the run-up to the halving in a few weeks.

Another “worrying trend” is that the number of active addresses this month could not keep up with rising bitcoin prices. Profit realization among short-term holders may indicate a crucial turning point in the price trajectory. In 2024, retail and institutional investors piled into Bitcoin ETFs, leading to a surge that pushed prices above $74,000. However, in the past week, Bitcoin has plunged sharply by 17.5%. This led to a lot of paper losses, but also to hundreds of millions in liquidations on the futures market.

More than 93% of all bitcoins have already been mined in the run-up to the expected fourth halving, which will take place sometime in the third week of April. After the halving, the miners mined approximately 450 bitcoins in one day, now the total is approximately 900.

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