-->The Cardano price has fallen by -1.67% today to $0.624 while the crypto market has fallen by more than -2%. Cardano has essentially surpassed Ethereum’s performance as developers are more active on Cardano than Ethereum.

With multiple upgrades planned for the network, could Cardano become as valuable as Ethereum? In this article, we look at the current state of Cardano compared to Ethereum and whether ADA can become as big as ETH in the future.

Cardano vs. Ethereum – ADA Price Drops -10% in 1 Week While Developer Activity Increases

If we look at the chart of Cardano, ADA has had a bad week. The altcoin has fallen by more than -10% in the past 7 days, falling below its 30-day average (yellow). This level now serves as strong resistance that can slow down increases.

Cardano’s Relative Strength Index (RSI) at 43 is also lower than other altcoins and indicates that the Cardano price has lost a lot of momentum. This is not surprising when you look at the growing popularity of blockchains such as Solana, which may cause Cardano to receive less attention.

Cardano rate chart
Cardano rate chart – TradingView

But the fact that developers are very active on the network could mean that Cardano is a sleeping giant that could see a major bull run later this year. High activity around Cardano could unleash a wave of hype, during which ADA could increase rapidly in value.

The risk, however, is that when Cardano quickly makes multiple upgrades, they will be pushed through too quickly, potentially leaving you with bugs in the code. It is therefore important for developers on Cardano to find a balance between coding and thoroughly testing upgrades so that no bugs or security vulnerabilities occur.

At least for the time being, Cardano will continue to play in the background, while blockchains such as Ethereum and Solana demand the attention. But perhaps now is the best time to invest in Cardano.

Cardano has a strong community and a blockchain with a lot of potential in the future. For this reason, ADA could become worth a lot in the future, but to be a match for ETH, ADA would have to rise by around +2,000%.

Before the market pays attention to ADA, it would probably have to get close to its ATH of $3.10 first. which is now also about 400% higher than the current price of $0.62.

Alternative Cryptos with More Short-Term Potential

No one knows how long it can be before Cardano will make another breakthrough. If you believe in the project, it may be an idea to invest, but most choose to invest in popular crypto coins because there is more volume and more chance of short-term profits.

In this article we look at some promising crypto coins on Ethereum and Solana, the 2 hottest blockchains at the moment. These new altcoins have the potential to rise fast and make early investors rich.

Green Bitcoin (GBTC)

Ethereum (ETH) is known today for its staking feature, among other things. Green Bitcoin (GBTC) uses this feature in a special way, so investors can earn big rewards for predicting the Bitcoin price in a more efficient way than mining crypto.

Green bitcoin offers a normal taking mechanism for passive rewards and a Predict-to-Earn model for extra high rewards. This allows you to earn extra GBTC tokens in your favorite way, an alternative to Bitcoin that could soon rise rapidly, because the token is still available in presale.

During the presale you can get this green crypto for $1.10 and have the option to stake the tokens for an 83% APY before the token is launched on its first exchange. Green Bitcoin offers a second chance for investors who missed the Bitcoin pump, but with an efficient model to earn tokens passively.

Dogecoin20 (DOGE20)

Meme coins are currently very popular and with a good move you can make a lot of money with these volatile altcoins. However, meme coins are also known for rising fast and crashing shortly afterwards without ever recovering. That’s why today we look at Dogecoin20 (DOGE20), a meme coin that can remain relevant in the long term.

Dogecoin20 combines the fun of Dogecoin (DOGE) with a new community and a way for this community to passively make money by staking tokens. The Dogecoin20 team has plans to increase the value of the meme coin significantly in order to give away even more to charities.

Dogecoin20 has been on presale for a week and has already raised more than $5.7 million in this short time. This very popular meme coin is currently for sale for a low price of $0.000206 in the presale, but will increase over time before DOGE20 is launched on exchanges and can explode in value.

DogWifCat (DWIFC)

A riskier meme coin that has the potential to deliver even higher profits in the short term is DogWifCat (DWIFC), a meme crypto that launched this week and has gone viral in a short time.

DogWifCat is a new meme coin without any kind of utility, but with a lot of hype on its side. It is therefore a very attractive cryptocurrency for traders, especially because major whales have paid their attention to DWIFC.

dogwifcat whale transactiondogwifcat whale transaction

DogWifCat is a meme coin on Solana that you can buy via Raydium or the DEX aggregator Jupiter. DWIFC is a riskier meme coin, so it is advisable not to risk too much capital.

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