-->As the cryptocurrency market prepares for a potentially bullish month with the advent of the Bitcoin halving, it will be interesting for investors to look at promising tokens that could benefit from a new crypto rally. Which altcoin will explode? And what are the best crypto investments of the moment?

The Bitcoin halving has historically always been good for significant gains for Bitcoin. Because Bitcoin still controls more than half of the crypto market, with 52.8%, the rest of the crypto market often benefits from a Bitcoin rally as much as Bitcoin itself.

As the Bitcoin halving approaches, it seems like a good time for investors to look for promising tokens to diversify their portfolio. This article helps by listing the top 3 cryptos during a crypto bull run.

Slothana (SLOTH)

Slothana is a promising new Solana token that seems to be able to ride on the current success of the Solana blockchain. Solana is becoming an increasingly bigger player in the altcoin market and seems to be getting closer to the previously unbeatable Ethereum. New tokens such as Bonk and DogWifHat, both developed on the Solana blockchain, have already generated big profits and established Solana as a very attractive network for meme coins and altcoins.

Slothana is one of the newest launches on this blockchain and aims to match or even overtake its predecessors. The project differs from other altcoins in that it does not use a standard presale or direct launch on DEX. Instead, it uses a send-to-wallet airdrop system.


This system makes it even easier for users to participate in this presale. All they have to do is transfer SOL tokens to Slothana’s wallet address. In addition, they can also connect their wallet to the official Slothana website to make purchasing tokens even easier.

The Slothana presale has already raised more than $8.2 million and this shows how much investors believe in this project. 1 SOL tokens currently gives you 10,000 SOL. You will receive your purchased tokens directly in your wallet when the presale is over.

Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX)

Bitcoin Minetrix is ​​an innovative new platform that wants to turn the world of Bitcoin mining upside down. Bitcoin mining is known for its high entry costs and is therefore hardly accessible to private individuals. For that reason, it is often large organizations that have a lot of power and this goes completely against the decentralized principles of Bitcoin. This is exactly what Bitcoin Minetrix wants to put an end to.

Bitcoin Minetrix wants to bring the Bitcoin Minetrix market into the hands of private individuals with the help of its unique Stake 2 Mine concept. With this concept, users will be able to stake the native BTCMTX token in exchange for cloud mining credits. With these cloud mining credits, users can then stake Bitcoin. This way, private individuals can benefit from the benefits of Bitcoin mining without having to deal with the high entry costs.

The presale of the native BTCMTX token is in full swing and users can already start staking their purchased BTCMTX tokens. Until the mining platform goes live, users will receive nice rewards, which are currently around 54%. When the mining platform goes live, they will be able to earn cloud mining credits.

The presale of the BTCMTX token has already raised more than $12.9 million. The current price is $0.0145 and there are less than 5 days left before this price rises further. Tokens can be purchased via ETH, MATIC, BNB, USDT and credit card.

Smog Token (SMOG)

The SMOG token is another example of a Solana token that has already achieved significant profits in the short term. The SMOG token did not use a presale, but was immediately listed on a DEX. Here it managed to rise more than 100% within 1 day and now just over a month later the token has already risen more than 200%.

The team behind the SMOG token had a clear goal. Creating virality to catch up with predecessors such as Bonk and DogWifHat. It does this by reserving 50% of the token supply for marketing purposes. These marketing purposes should ensure better brand awareness and of course virality.


In addition, the team has also set aside another 35% of the token supply for airdrops. These airdrops will form an important part of the token distribution. To participate in these airdrops you can buy SMOG tokens or save airdrop points via Zealy.

The Smog token was launched on the Jupiter exchange and was initially exclusively available here. However, since April 4, the SMOG token is now also available on the MEX exchange.

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