One of the two creators of DOGE has issued a statement about AI that many may find frightening.

Billy Markus, known as “Shibetoshi Nakamoto” on the social media platform

AI is about to take over human jobs

In addition to sharing insights on Dogecoin, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Markus also shares his views on various topics such as politics and social issues. Earlier this week, Shibetoshi Nakamoto, his social media alias, addressed a discussion about artificial intelligence through his account.

Markus seems pessimistic about the impact of AI on the future of humanity. He has asked his more than two million followers for their thoughts on when various jobs will be replaced by AI. He posted the following:

“How long do you think you have before your job is replaced by AI?”

This post generated many comments from users, in which opinions were divided. The conclusion, however, is that many jobs will disappear due to AI.

Grok AI interrogates Elon Musk

A good example of the development of AI is the chatbot developed by Elon Musk’s startup xAI and integrated into X by the tech mogul called Grok AI, which has challenged its own creator.

As part of an experiment conducted by the founder of the data analytics company CryptoQuant, Ki Young Ju, Grok recognized Musk’s achievements in introducing electric vehicles, reusable rockets and plans for Mars colonization. However, the bot made a controversial comment about the name Musk had chosen for his son – X Æ A-12.

In response, Young Ju said that ChatGPT would never be able to criticize its creator, Sam Altman, and his company OpenAI.

However, the rapid development of AI is a topic that concerns many people. It is unclear where this technology will develop, which means it can also be considered ‘scary’. However, one thing is certain, AI is here to stay and a lot will change in the near future.


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