-->Dogwifhat (WIF), a popular Solana meme crypto, is up over +20% today while the Bitcoin price has officially broken through the $73,000 mark. Interest in meme coins still seems to be very high, which gives WIF and other meme coins the opportunity to piggyback on Bitcoin.

In this article we look at Dogwifhat’s pump above $2.30, how high the meme coin can go and which meme cryptos will rise after WIF.

Dogwifhat Pumps +24% After Bitcoin Breakout Above $73k – How Much Can WIF Be Worth This Bull Run?

Dogwifhat has grown quite a bit in popularity over the past month. For example, the meme coin has risen from $0.36 by +500% to $2.30 in one month. The meme coin, which was listed just a few months ago on analytics platforms such as crypto.com, is riding a fast-rising 30-day moving average (yellow), which could provide additional support for further rallies.

This morning’s pump isn’t enough to break the All-Time High of $2.49, but the meme coin could do it today. With a Relative Strength Index (RIS) above 80, it is important to take into account the risk that investors and traders will withdraw their profits, which can lead to sudden drops.

Dogwifhat rate
Dogwifhat rate chart – TradingView

Dogwifhat is a special meme coin because many meme coins, especially on Solana, are riding on the ‘wifhat’ trend, allowing the most random meme coins to go x100 because they have a headgear.

The success of this meme coin further boosts the success of the original Dogwifhat, giving the meme coin the potential to perhaps become worth more than $10 during this bull run.


Dogwifhat was listed on Binance at the beginning of this month, making the meme coin even more accessible to traders and making WIF one of the most successful meme coins of 2024.

The Dogwifhat price could set a new All-Time High above $2.50 this week and pump further towards $5 in the coming months. This of course in combination with the rising Bitcoin price, which could exceed $100,000 this year.

Which Meme Cryptos Will Rise Next to Dogwifhat?

The strong popularity of meme coins clearly shows that the market is currently very bullish, which opens the way for further increases. According to crypto analysts, we are now in the middle of the bull market, which means we may not have reached the top yet.

Besides Dogwifhat, other meme cryptos can also benefit from the large influx of capital into the crypto market. In this section of the article we look at some alternatives that may be very undervalued at the moment and have the potential to explode in value soon.

Smog (SMOG)

Smog (SMOG) is a meme coin that has built up a lot of hype over the past month and is planning to make the biggest airdrop on Solana. As a result, the meme coin has increased in value by more than 10x, but has the potential to go much higher towards a market cap of $1 billion.

You can participate in the airdrop by purchasing and holding SMOG tokens and completing quests on Zealy. You can also stake SMOG for additional discounts, a 42% APY and airdrop points. The date of the SMOG airdrop will be announced later.

The Smog team recommends that you remain on the lookout for scammers claiming that the airdrop is live, the airdrop will be automatic, so you CANNOT claim it manually.

You can buy SMOG tokens via the official website and swap them via the DEX aggregator, Jupiter. By staking SMOG, you get a 10% discount on the current price and earn a 42% APY as well as extra airdrop points.

Sponge V2 (SPONGE)

Sponge is a token that launched last year on Ethereum and has gone x100 since this launch. Like other meme coins such as Pepe (PEPE), Sponge’s price stagnated and the project decided to relaunch and bridge to Sponge V2 (SPONGE), a token with new crypto hype, more utility and an emerging crypto game.

Since the launch of Sponge V2 earlier this year, the token has already risen by more than +244%. The advantage of Sponge V2 is that you can stake the token and soon use it for Sponge’s new Play-to-Earn game.

You can buy Sponge V2 from the official website, with the option to stake this token at an APY of 176%, which will further reduce the selling pressure. Soon Sponge will launch its crypto game and you can use the token to earn even more tokens based on your score in the game.

Scotty The AI (SCOTTY)

Scotty The AI ​​(SCOTTY) is more than a meme coin, it will become a community in which participants get extra protection against hackers and scammers, who are becoming smarter and more advanced. SCOTTY offers you access to the community, but also to useful AI tools, which gives the token a lot of added value.

Scotty is a black Scottish Terrier (sadly without a hat) with a goal to become the protector of the crypto universe. Using crypto AI technology, he offers his community extra protection against malicious participants of the crypto market.

Scotty The AI ​​is selling its SCOTTY token in the presale for $0.01 per token during the presale and has already raised more than $9.1 million. The meme coin is rapidly growing in popularity and could soon explode in value, but also remain relevant in the long term.

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