On Fox News, the US presidential candidate declared that he could “live with bitcoin” despite his preference for the dollar. In 2021, he called bitcoin a scam.

Bitcoin is also at the heart of the American presidential election. If some candidates have already given their opinion on the queen of cryptocurrencies, including Democrat Robert Francis Kennedy Junior, it is Donald Trump’s turn to take the plunge. “I see more and more people who want to pay with bitcoins, and that’s something interesting. So I can live with it one way or another,” said Donald Trump on Fox News. According to Crypto.com, there are more than 580 million crypto users worldwide. Likewise, since the beginning of the year, the bar of 10,000 merchants worldwide accepting bitcoin has been crossed.

Donald Trump, however, expressed his preference in favor of the dollar and spoke of the importance of regulating the crypto sector. Indeed, since the upheavals in the crypto market in 2022, including the fall of the former crypto giant FTX, the United States is considering regulating this still young sector. A real boost will be implemented by the new American administration from November 2024.


Donald Trump changed his position on bitcoin, which he called a scam in 2021, following El Salvador’s adoption of the cryptocurrency as legal tender. If positioning yourself today in favor of bitcoin seems like a campaign argument, the former American president has had one foot in the universe for some time.

As a reminder, Donald Trump has put on sale three collections of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) bearing his image, for example offering its buyers the opportunity to participate in certain events in his presence or even to receive a piece of the costume he wore on August 24 when he completed a brief stint in a prison in Atlanta, Georgia.

The former American president also found a way to finance part of his campaign, by selling part of his crypto reserves. According to the company Arkham Intelligence, the former president of the United States sold 1,075 ethers for 2.4 million dollars. Before Robert Francis Kennedy Junior and Donald Trump, Republican Ron DeSantis had recently presented himself as a fervent defender of bitcoin. But the latter finally abandoned the presidential race… in favor of Donald Trump.

Source: https://www.bfmtv.com/crypto/bitcoin/donald-trump-exprime-finalement-son-soutien-au-bitcoin_AV-202402260643.html

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