The American candidate accepts bitcoin, ether or solana in particular. This is the first time that a US presidential candidate has accepted cryptocurrencies for his campaign.

Cryptocurrencies are entering the American presidential race. While the election will take place on November 5, former US President Donald Trump announced on Tuesday May 21 that he was now accepting donations in cryptocurrencies in his campaign.

“Demonstrating President Trump’s success as a champion of American freedom and innovation, we are proud to offer you the opportunity to contribute to the campaign with cryptocurrencies,” it is written on the campaign website of Donald Trump.

Bitcoin, ether, solana, USDC and dogecoin are notably accepted.

The Republican candidate for the White House accepts cryptocurrency donations from one cent and the beneficiary account is a Coinbase account called “Trump National Committee JFC”. Donors can then choose which wallet they want to make the transaction from (Coinbase, Metamask, Ledger, etc.).

An issue in key states

“To save our country from the failures of Joe Biden (the current American president, who is running for a 2nd term, editor’s note), we need your support. While Joe Biden accumulates regulations and administrative formalities, President Trump is ready to adopt new technologies that will make America great again,” the former president boasts on his site.

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The US Republican Party has become increasingly supportive of bitcoin and other digital assets in recent years (although Donald Trump is less pro-crypto than one might think) while leading Democrats remain skeptical of it. sector after the FTX and Binance affairs. According to a Harris Poll survey for DCG, published by the Blockchain Association on May 7, more than 20% of voters in the main key states (the “swing states”) identified the cryptocurrency sector as a major issue of the 2024 election.

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