Donald Trump’s crypto portfolio is currently worth $6.6 million. The MAMA memecoins based on himself accounts for about 60 percent of that impressive portfolio. Donald Trump also owns Ethereum, BABYTRUMP and MATIC.

With this he seems to be investing more broadly in the market, but Bitcoin is still missing at the moment.

Donald Trump Crypto Portfolio

The 2024 presidential race

The former president of the United States is participating in the country’s presidential elections again this year. At the moment he seems to have a good chance of taking the victory.

Will we finally get a pro-bitcoin president in the United States this year? During his previous presidency, Donald Trump had little or no interest in bitcoin, but that now seems to be slowly changing.

For example, he recently said some positive things about bitcoin. “You probably have to design some new regulation, but a lot of people embrace it. More and more I see people who want to pay with bitcoin. I can live with it in the meantime,” Trump said.

While in 2019 he published on Twitter that he was “not a fan” of cryptocurrencies. Trump shouted, among other things, that they are “not money”. He repeated the latter in passing, by stating that he is a fan of one currency and that is of course the US dollar.

Criticism of centralized financial systems

Also striking is Trump’s current criticism of centralized financial systems. For example, the presidential candidate is an opponent of the introduction of digital central bank money.

According to him, no digital version of the US dollar will come onto the market under his administration. The question is still why that would be necessary at all and what it adds.

In principle, the US dollar is of course already digital and the US central bank and the government seem to have sufficient control over the system.


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