A high-profile crypto whale, identified by blockchain analytics firm Spot On Chain as 0x7a9, has captured the cryptocurrency industry’s attention by purchasing an impressive $185.5 million worth of Ethereum in just three days. This purchase, of course, speaks of significant confidence in Ethereum’s future.

Crypto whale’s ethereum purchases

The purchasing activities included a series of notable transactions, including the purchase of 13,526 ETH for approximately $39.85 million. The transaction data shows that 10,136 ETH, worth approximately $29.85 million, was withdrawn from the cryptocurrency exchange Binance. In addition, it was announced that the whale made a major transaction by exchanging 10 million USDT for 3,390 ETH on the 1inch exchange platform. The activities didn’t stop there; an additional withdrawal of 40 million USDT from Binance was also noted, leading to speculation about further investments in Ethereum.

This aggressive accumulation of Ethereum has sparked a debate among analysts and investors about the potential impact on Ethereum’s price. With the price of Ethereum hovering around $3,000 at the time of these transactions, the market is closely monitoring the impact of such large-scale investments.

Leading analysts have expressed optimistic sentiment about Ethereum’s prospects. Dutch Michaël van de Poppe predicts “strong continuation” in ethereum’s performance, while Skew, another respected analytics firm, highlights ethereum’s resilience. Skew also noted that price declines, especially around $2,700, should be viewed as favorable buying opportunities, describing the $2,300 price range as a “generational opportunity.”

Dencun upgrade an ethereum ETF

In addition to these optimistic predictions, Lark Davis points to upcoming developments within the Ethereum ecosystem that could further strengthen the market position. The expected Dencun upgrade, along with the possible approval of an Ethereum ETF in May, are seen as pivotal events that could propel Ethereum to new heights, making it more attractive to both retail and institutional investors.

Source: https://bitcoinmagazine.nl/nieuws/ethereum-investering-crypto-whale

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