Optimism about the crypto market seems to be increasing. A new research report from Bernstein concludes that the crypto market will be worth $7.5 billion by the end of 2025. Which crypto has a future?

Crypto experts Bernstein expect the crypto market to be worth $7.5 billion

Crypto experts from Bernstein indicated in a recent report that they expect the crypto market to reach a value of $7.5 billion by the end of 2025. In their forecast, they predict that the market size will double by 2025 and that there will be a An important role is played by cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Solana.

Market Cap Crypto Market – Source: CoinGecko

The current market cap of the crypto market is $2.28 billion and will therefore have to increase by more than 3.2x to reach the predicted $7.5 billion. A significant increase that should mainly be achieved through an inflow of capital to the prominent cryptocurrencies.

Main factors behind the rise of the crypto market

The Bernstein crypto experts mentioned 7 different factors that play an important role in their prediction: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum staking, Solana, DeFi, Tokenization and crypto games.

Bitcoins will obviously play a major role and the crypto experts at Bernstein expect that the world’s largest crypto can rise towards $ 150,000 before the end of 2025.

The launch of the 10 spot Bitcoin ETFs in particular will play an important role in this. According to the crypto experts, more private banking platforms and other trading platforms will integrate these ETFs. Something that will lead to further institutional adoption and therefore a greater inflow of new capital to the crypto market.

In addition to Bitcoin, there is also a role for Ethereum and Solana. The crypto experts expect that a Spot ETF for Ethereum could lead to significant increases while at the same time they expect Solana to become one of the major players along with Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Alternative cryptos with great profit potential

Despite this optimism, the market is currently in a difficult phase and many investors do not have the patience to wait until 2025. Many investors therefore choose to diversify their portfolio with altcoins that can already achieve significant profits in the short term realize.

Presale tokens in particular have shown that they can generate significant profits when these tokens were listed on exchanges. For this reason, we discuss the most promising presale tokens of the moment below.

Dogeverse (DOGEVERSE) – unique alternative to Dogecoin blockchain

Dogeverse is developing a unique meme coin, which should provide a multi-chain alternative to the largest meme coin in the world, Dogecoin. Dogeverse is certainly not the first project that wants to provide an alternative to Dogecoin, but with its unique concept it manages to distinguish itself from predecessors.

By developing the native DOGEVERSE token on multiple blockchains, it is able to realize this multi-chain token. Users can take advantage of the best features of these blockchains while also enjoying cheaper and faster transactions due to improved liquidity.

Dogeverse 100x crypto - de multiverse dog meme coin

Dogeverse has a maximum token supply of 200 billion tokens. 30 billion of these tokens have been reserved for the presale that is now live. In addition, another 20 billion tokens have been reserved for staking rewards. Even though the presale is still live, users can already start staking their tokens.

The presale itself has already raised more than $12.5 million. Tokens currently cost $0.000304, but there is less than 24 hours to go before the presale enters its next phase and this price increases.

WienerAI (WAI) – combines the world of AI crypto with meme coins

WienerAI is a recently launched presale that has already managed to gain a lot of attention from the crypto community. This is because this meme coin tries to connect the worlds of AI crypto and meme coins. And this has ensured that the project can count on support from both the AI ​​crypto and meme coin communities.

Like many other meme coins, WienerAI uses a dog as a mascot. In the case of WienerAI, however, this is a ‘wiener’ dog that has been influenced by AI. The backstory of this project takes place in the year 2134 where a scientist accidentally combined the DNA of a hot dog with its AI companion. This led to the founding of WienerAI


WienerAI has a native WAI token that users can stake in exchange for attractive rewards. In fact, over 700 million WAI tokens have already been locked up at an APY of 1,325%. Although this APY will decrease over time, early investors can make big profits on their purchased WAI tokens.

The presale of the WAI token has already raised more than $600,000. 1 WAI token currently costs you $0.000702 each, but will further increase in price when the presale enters its next phase in less than 22 hours. Tokens can be purchased via ETH, USDT, BNB and credit card.

99Bitcoins (99BTC) – well-known crypto information platform launches its own crypto

99Bitcoins is a well-known name within the crypto community, as this project started a website for crypto information in 2010. Since then, this project has grown into a big name that already has more than 700,000 subscribers on its YouTube channel and more than 2 million users for its crypto courses.

This project has now chosen to finally bring its own crypto to the market with the launch of its 99BTC presale. This 99BTC token will form an important part of the new and unique Learn 2 Earn system from 99Bitcoins. In this system, users will be able to earn crypto as they learn about crypto.

99Bitcoins presale crypto

Nearly 80 hours of teaching material is available for this Learn 2 Earn system. Users can earn 99BTC tokens when they complete certain tasks. In addition, holders of the 9BTC token will also be eligible for exclusive access to webinars, trading signals and VIP community groups, among others.

The 99BTC presale has already raised more than $900,000. 99BTC tokens cost $0.00103 each and will continue to rise in price in less than a week. Tokens can be purchased via ETH, USDT, BNB and credit card.

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Source: https://bitcoinmagazine.nl/nieuws/crypto-experts-bernstein-cryptomarkt-zal-75-bln-bereiken-in-2025-welke-heeft-toekomst

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