Over the last ten to five years we have seen a variety ofSocial networks. Without talking about Facebook, we find, for example, Pinterest and with Instagram (bought some time ago by Mark Zuckerberg’s company) that in a short time managed to amass an impressive number of users. But this popularity, from the point of view of digital marketing, is not always accompanied byspecific tools to work with. Among other things, many of these platforms do not have analytical utilities to be able to work numerically on our content.

Something similar happens to Instagram. Unlike Facebook, which has its own Facebook Insights, and even Twitter, which unfortunately with its API allows a myriad of alternatives to be available in the form of third-party applications, we hardly hear about analytical tools for Instagram . Something similar happened with Pinterest in its beginnings, although later some efforts directed towards the area of ​​brand presence on the platform were somewhat satisfactory. Therefore, today we will talk about five analytical tools for Instagramsome better known, others more accessible, but all with a possible answer to the questions we may be asking about our account.


One of the best-known analytical tools for Instagram, without a doubt, is Statigram. It is also one of the ones that has been on the market the longest, providing free solutions to the numerical needs that we may have with our brand account. This web based, which means that we can access it with our Instagram credentials from wherever we are. But, in addition, it also has the possibility of viewing images from the web (something that is normal considering that Instagram made it available a while ago) and some tools for Community Managers.

We will focus only on the statistical tool, but Statigram is worth it if we use Instagram as an important tool in our social strategy. Statigram provides some rather basic information that can serve as curiosities, such as the images that received the most Likes, a cloud of our used hashtags, and more. But we can also access deeper analytics, such as the number of posts we make, the comments and Likes received in total, or by a time filter, and the growth of followers. Finally, Statigram also offers the possibility of optimizing our use of Instagram with some personalized advice based on our data.

Simply Measured


We have already sung the praises of Simply Measured when we talk about the utilities that are worth paying for when working in Social Media. In this case, we will focus on it as part of the best analytical tools for Instagram, since it also allows us to work from its free version with our account. The report is free but in order to access it we will have to implement the curious “payment with tweet” modality, that is, we will have to tweet about the report to be able to generate it. Thanks to this we will receive not only a web version of the report but we will also be able to download a version to Excel.

The Simply Measured report is concentrated in the first instance on some numbers ofengagement, which show us what the total engagement of the account has been, the engagement for each photo, the number of photographs that have been uploaded to the account, how many of them were shared on other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, and graphs to understand This information is a little better. But, in addition, we can also find which filters were used that generated the greatest number of Likes and comments, which was the most successful image of a period of time, and where in the world certain photos were most effective. Very complete, and easy to understand.


We continue our list of analytical tools for Instagram with InstaFollow, a much more limited utility than the alternatives we presented previously. For example, while these applications are available from the web, InstaFollow is only available for iOS and Android, the operating system of Apple devices. On the other hand, we will not have as much information available as we can with Simply Measured or Statigram. But it does have an advantage within its limitations: we will have concrete information quickly, being able to view only what is most relevant and what we need, for example, in a simple presentation or report.

InstaFollow is also very simple to use, and has a friendly interface that can be understood even by those who are not dedicated to Social Media Marketing or the analysis of these statistics. Thanks to this utility we can obtain some fundamental metrics: the number of new followers that we have achieved this week, with a comparison with previous periods, the number of users who have stopped following an account, the number of followers that we follow and that we do not follow. They are following us and vice versa. It is an ideal tool for those concerned about the size of their community.


Instagram was born as an iOS application, until it reached its true popularity with its release for Android. Therefore, it is not surprising that many of the tools available for analysis are only in this operating system. In the same wake as InstaFollow, Followers+It is also available only for iOS. But, unlike the previous recommendation, it is much more complete and allows us to obtain more information about our account. Thanks to a series of purchases made within the application – which can be downloaded for free – we can personalize the information we obtain. Each purchase is worth approximately 99 cents, which is not a significant burden if we are working for a brand that really wants to take advantage of its Instagram account.

Through two specific Packs that can be purchased within the application we will find valuable information about the engagement of the account. Thanks to Engagement Pack, we can determine the value of each of our followers, as well as obtain a specific metric with the number of Likes and comments. There is another package, the Insights Packwhich allows us to have access to more advanced metrics based on the location of our followers, and even detecting people who do not follow us but interact with our content.


Nitrogram Jamie Oliver

Finally, we close our list with the best analytical tools for Instagram with a tool that we have already mentioned on a previous occasion, Nitrogram. This tool offers us a much more graphic alternative in which we can see all the movements that happen within our account. In addition, it also offers us concrete data about the engagement we receive thanks to our images. And, like many of the tools mentioned here, Nitrogram is also completely free and web-based.

Nitrogram is well oriented towards use by brands, and we can also, upon payment, customize and improve many of the functionalities it offers us. Thanks to this tool, brands can analyze in a more in-depth way the activity they carry out on the Social Network. With an impressive amount of data available for all photos, we can analyze the reach we have with each of our publications, as well as a combination of the Likes and comments we receive from each of them. If we are looking for a very professional alternative, Nitrogram (along with Simply Measured) is one of the best for this type of work.

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