-->While a large portion of crypto meme coins are experiencing a flash crash, there is a new meme coin that has soared. Book of Memes (BOME) has risen by as much as 2,000% in the past week after listing on the centralized exchange Binance.

Other meme coins such as Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and Pepe have seen declines of 7% in the past 24 hours. What is going on in the world of meme coins during this crypto crash?

Book of Meme enters top 100 crypto coins after Binance listing

During the current crypto crash in the general market, there is one cryptocurrency that stands out above the best crypto coins. This is Book of Meme (BOME), a brand new meme coin on Solana that launched last week.

The project was developed by Darkfarms, the maker of Pepe, and quickly received a lot of interest from investors. The goal of BOME is to create a permanent repository for internet memes. The meme coin was introduced on March 10 and BOME started its presale on March 13.

During this presale, users had to send SOL tokens to a Darkfarms wallet address. The BOME tokens had no fixed price and were distributed based on the percentage of contributed SOL tokens per user.

BOME rate chart
BOME price / Source: CoinMarketCap

BOME quickly rose from $0.0008752 to its March 16 peak of $0.02683. This is an increase of almost 3,000% in less than two days.

The cryptocurrency’s momentum was supported by listings on several major exchanges, including a Binance listing on March 16.

Since its all-time high, Book of Meme has fallen to its current price of $0.01813. This marks a decline of 24.23% in the past 24 hours.

BOME is now in a phase where the hype has surpassed the fundamentals of the crypto meme coin. The shitcoin could now experience longer cool-off periods, allowing investors to better focus on alternatives.

Top meme coins amid crypto crash

Amid a general market correction, the biggest meme coins are down more than 10% in the past week. The three largest meme coins, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and Pepe, have all fallen while the total market capitalization of the crypto sector also fell by 3.24% in the past 24 hours.

Shiba Inu suffered the biggest declines of all three. The cryptocurrency is now worth $0.00002722, down 20.31% in the past week. Next comes Dogecoin with a current value of $0.1499 and down 13.66% in a week, followed by Pepe at $0.000007759 and -10.74%.

In a month’s time, prices have still risen significantly. The current crypto crash can therefore be attributed to a market that is recovering from the increased buying pressure of recent weeks.

Traders are securing their profits in anticipation of the next big bull run. This is expected to take place after the next Bitcoin halving in April.

Promising crypto projects during market correction

Given that the market now appears to be correcting from last month’s bull run, explosive gains in established crypto coins are unlikely for the time being. In the meantime, investors may be looking for newer promising crypto projects.

Therefore, in the section below you will find three promising altcoins.

Dogecoin20 – New ERC-20 Dogecoin with staking

Dogecoin20 (DOGE20) is a brand new promising cryptocurrency on the Ethereum network. The token is based on the original Dogecoin, but this token really brings utility. The main difference between the two is the ability to stake tokens. This allows users to earn passive rewards by securing the network. These rewards amount to 518% per year.

Dogecoin20 crypto memeDogecoin20 crypto meme

Dogecoin20’s tokenomics are also different. While DOGE is introducing more and more tokens through mining, at Dogecoin20 the total token supply is fixed. As a result, no inflation will occur.

Currently, users can purchase Dogecoin20 tokens via the project’s website. Exchange Ethereum or USDT tokens and stake your tokens immediately. Invest quickly before the price rises from $0.000152 per token.

Smog – Verdien gratis crypto via enorme airdrop

Smog (SMOG) is another promising crypto project on Solana. This fiery dragon aims to rule the meme coin market. Shortly after its fair launch on the Jupiter DEX, the token quickly rose by 300%.

What makes Smog so special is that the project promises the largest Solana crypto airdrop ever. 35% of the 1.4 billion tokens are reserved for this airdrop. Furthermore, 50% of the tokens are used for marketing, so that investors are aware of $SMOG’s plans.

Smog token crypto memeSmog token crypto meme

Users can earn airdrop points by holding SMOG tokens for a long period of time. Users also receive points by completing assignments on Zealy. The more airdrop points, the more tokens you receive with the airdrops.

It won’t be surprising if Smog follows in the footsteps of other successful Solana meme coins such as DogWifHat and Bonk. Therefore, quickly purchase this promising cryptocurrency before the project explodes.

Sponge V2 – New start of successful meme coin

Sponge V2 (SPONGE) is a new version of the previously successful $SPONGE meme coin. Users who missed the original 100x of Sponge V1 will get another chance with this project.

The project builds on the community of 30,000 members. In addition, this cryptocurrency contains several fun additions, such as a brand new play-to-earn racing game.

Sponge V2 crypto memeSponge V2 crypto meme

Users can also earn staking rewards with $SPONGE. The token was recently bridged with Polygon. Staking rewards are currently 174% per year for Ethereum and 425% per year for Polygon.

The tokens are available on various exchanges. You can also buy tokens directly on the site. Be quick and get the most out of your investment through the generous staking rewards on Polygon.

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