The former US president made this statement in a context of euphoria around the queen of cryptocurrencies.

Former US President Donald Trump is increasingly questioned about bitcoin, while the queen of cryptocurrencies has exceeded $73,000. “I make money and I also have fun with it,” the latter said on CNBC on cryptocurrencies. The US presidential candidate also indicated that he allows people to pay him in bitcoin, which he says is a “form of additional currency”.

“I see more and more people wanting to pay in bitcoins, and that’s something interesting. So I can live with it one way or another,” Donald Trump said a few weeks ago on Fox News.

The former US president, however, still expresses his preference towards the US dollar, calling for regulation of the crypto sector. Indeed, since the upheavals in the crypto market in 2022, including the fall of the former crypto giant FTX, the United States is considering regulating this still young sector. A real boost will be implemented by the new American administration from November 2024.

In a few years, Donald Trump has changed his position regarding cryptocurrencies. In 2019, he stated that he was not a “fan” of bitcoin due to its volatility. He even called cryptocurrency a scam in 2021, after El Salvador adopted it as legal tender. If positioning yourself today in favor of bitcoin looks like a campaign argument, we will have to see how it positions itself in the future around this cryptocurrency.

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Beyond bitcoin, Donald Trump already has a foot in the crypto universe, since he has already put on sale several collections of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) bearing his image, for example offering his buyers the opportunity to participate in certain events in his presence or to receive a piece of the costume he wore on August 24 when he completed a brief stint in a prison in Atlanta, Georgia.


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