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By Juan Merodio

Prepare a social media calendar Effective is an essential task in any digital marketing strategy. This document allows you to plan and organize your social media posts strategically, thus maximizing your reach and engagement. Below, we explain how you can prepare your next social media calendar step by step.

social media calendar

Social media calendar for your company

What is a Social Media Calendar?

And social media calendar is a planning tool that helps you organize what content you will publish, when and where. It can be in the form of a spreadsheet, document, or interactive dashboard. The details you can include in your calendar may vary, but in general, each entry usually includes:

  • The content of the post (text, images, videos, links, hashtags, etc.)
  • The date and time of publication
  • The social network and the account in which it will be published

Benefits of a Social Media Calendar

And social media calendar offers various benefits, including:

  • Organization and time saving: It allows you to plan your posts in advance, giving you the ability to work more efficiently.
  • Consistency in publications: It helps you post regularly and consistently, which is key to keeping your audience active and engaged.
  • Improved content quality: By having more time to plan and prepare your posts, you can ensure that the content you share is high quality.
  • Avoid errors and crises: By having a calendar, you can prevent everything from small writing errors to major communication crises.
  • Maximize the impact of your posts: By planning ahead, you can coordinate your posts with important events or dates, which can increase their relevance and impact.

Prepare your next calendar for social networks step by step

1. Evaluation of your Social Networks and Content

Before you start making your social media calendar, it is important that you have a clear understanding of the current situation of your social media accounts. Examine how many times you currently post on each social network and what type of content generates the most engagement.

2. Selection of your Social Media Channels and Type of Content

Decide what type of content you are going to publish and on what channels. This will largely depend on your target audience and the objectives of your social media marketing strategy.

3. Determining the Elements of Your Social Media Calendar

Depending on your needs and the size of your team, your social media calendar It can range from basic details like platform, date, time, and post text, to more advanced elements like specific post format, associated campaign, and geotargeting.

4. Invitation to your Team to Review and Improve the Calendar

And social media calendar Effective it must be useful for all members of your team. Therefore, it is important that you ask for their feedback and ideas to ensure that the calendar meets everyone’s needs.

Social Media Calendar Examples

Below, we share some examples that will help you visualize how you can structure your social media calendar.

Social Media Calendar for January

Date Red Social Content
January 1 Facebook New Year’s greeting
January 2 Instagram Photo of the team back to work
January 3 Twitter Promotion of the new product line

Social Media Calendar for February

Date Red Social Content Link
February 14th Facebook Valentine’s Day Special Offer link
February 15 Instagram Photo of the best-selling products on Valentine’s Day link
February 16th Twitter Thanking customers for their support on Valentine’s Day link

Remember that a social media calendar It is a flexible tool that you can adapt to your specific needs. Feel free to modify and adjust it as your social media strategy evolves.

We hope this guide has given you a clear insight into how you can create a social media calendar effective for your company. Always remember that planning is the key to success in any digital marketing strategy. Good luck!


January 1 – New Year’s Day 2020

January 6 – Three Kings Day or Epiphany Day

January 7 – Official Start of Sales

January 14 – International Kite Day

January 16 – International Spicy Food Day

January 19 – World Snow Day (WSD)

January 20 – Blue Monday

January 21 – International Sweatpants Day

January 24 – Journalist’s Day

January 25 – Advertising Day

January 30 – School Day of Peace and Non-Violence


February 4 – World Cancer Day

February 14 – Valentine’s Day

February 20 – World Cat Day

February 21 – International Mother Language Day

February 23 – Carnival

February 27 – International Transplant Day

February 28 – Andalusia Day

February 29 – International Rare Disease Day


March 1 – Balearic Islands Day

March 3 – World Nature Day

March 8 – Working Women’s Day

March 15 – World Consumer Rights Day

March 17 – Saint Patrick

March 19 – Father’s Day / Saint Joseph’s Day

March 20 – Day of Happiness

March 21 – Poetry Day / Forest Day

March 22 – World Water Day

March 27 – World Theater Day

March 29 – Time change to daylight saving time.

March 31 – World Transgender Visibility Day


April 1 – Fun at Work Day

April 2 – Children’s Book Day

April 5 – Palm Sunday

April 6 – International Day of Sports for development and peace

April 7 – International Health Day

April 9 – Holy Thursday

April 10 – Good Friday

April 12 – Easter / Easter Sunday

April 13 – International Kiss Day

April 15 – International Children’s Day / International Art Day

April 19 – World Bike Day / World Simpsons Day

April 22 – International Mother Earth Day

April 23 – Book Day / Aragon Day / Castilla y León Day

April 26 – World Intellectual Property Day

April 27 – World Design Day

April 29 – International Dance/Guide Dog Day


May 1 – Labor Day

May 2 – World Bullying Day

May 3 – Mother’s Day 2020

May 4 – Star Wars Day

May 8 – International Scholarship Day

May 13 – International Hummus Day

May 15 – International Day of Virtual Assistants/Families

May 17 – International Internet Day

May 18 – Museum/recycling day

May 25 – Geek Pride Day


June 5 – World Environment Day

June 8 – World Oceans Day

June 12 – World Day against Child Labor

June 14 – World Blood Donor Day

June 15 – International Surf / Tapa Day

June 18 – International Picnic/Sushi Day

June 21 – International Yoga Day / World Music Day

June 23 – Saint John’s Eve

June 28 – World LGBT Pride Day


July 1- World Joke Day

July 7 – San Fermin

July 10 – Beatles Day

July 13 – International Rock Day

July 17 – International Emoji Day

July 18 – Nelson Mandela International Day

July 21 – World Dog Day

July 25th – Galicia Day

July 26 – Grandparents Day

July 30- International Friendship Day


August 1 – World Joy Day

August 2 – International Beer Day

August 8 – International Cat Day

August 9 – Cantabria Day / Mountain Day

August 12 – International Youth Day

August 13 – International Left Handed Day

August 17 – International Homeless Animal Day

August 19 – World Photography Day

August 23 – Hastag Day


September 8 – International Literacy Day

September 11 Catalonia Day

September 13 – International Chocolate Day

September 15 – International Day of Democracy

September 16 – World Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer

September 21 – International Day of Peace / Bone Marrow Donor

September 27 – World Tourism Day

September 28 – World Heart/International Rabbit Day

September 30 – International Translation / podcast Day


October 1 – International Coffee Day

October 2 – International Day of Non-Violence

October 4 – International Animal Day

October 6 – World Smile Day

October 11 – International Day of the Girl

October 12 – Hispanic Heritage Day

October 16 – Writers’ Day

October 17 – International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

October 19 – Breast Cancer Day / International Gin and Tonic Day

October 20 – International Chef’s Day

October 25 – Time change to winter time / International Artist’s Day

October 29 – International Cat Day

October 31 halloween


November 1 – All Saints’ Day

November 7 – International Project Manager Day

November 9 – Almudena Day

November 10 – International Day of Tongue Twisters / Bookstores / Science

November 11 – Children’s Day

November 16 – International Day for Tolerance / Philosophy

November 19 – International Men’s Day

November 20 – Universal Children’s Day

November 21 – Television Day

November 27 – Black Friday


December 1 – World AIDS Day

December 6 – Spanish Constitution Day

December 8 – Immaculate Conception Day

December 9 – International Day against Corruption

December 10 – Human Rights Day

December 11 – International Mountain Day

December 15 – International Tea Day

December 18 – International Migrant Day

December 22 – National Lottery Draw

December 24 – Christmas Eve

25th December, Christmas

December 28 – Day of the Holy Innocents

December 31 – New Year’s Eve

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