This post was actually not titled like that. The first time I wrote it, the title was: “How to double visits to my blog thanks to Twitter.” Original, right? Another new post about how to use Twitter!

And it wasn’t bad, because what I wanted to tell you is that Twitter has already become the url that brings the most visits to my blog and that my number of followers is greater than the number of subscribers to the feed.

But I have realized that, in reality, the visits are a consequence, not of Twitter, but of who I address when I write. You also try to change your point of view:

What if Twitter doesn’t bring you more visitors, but rather your blog makes your visitors more interesting?

The change may seem small, or insignificant, but it actually makes a difference. To follow it step by step, here are some recommendations:

1. Know your followers.

Unlike RSS subscribers who are unknown to us, on Twitter we know who is who and the affinity they have for our content. Build your content taking into account the topics that spark interest and comments, or better yet, ask their opinion on the topics you plan to write about.

2. Know their habits.

Normally, you write your posts when your work and family allow you. In my case that is usually late at night. Pressing the publish button as soon as you finish the content is quite a temptation. However, try to post at the time of day when your followers are online and you will notice the difference.

3. Make it personal and be present

Even if you share other types of links with your followers and even do it automatically from a feed reader, as is my case, sharing a link to your blog must be something manual and adapted to the context of what is said in the post. If you are also connected at the time you do it, you ensure that you can respond to any response comments that may arise, making the conversation you have generated flow.

4. Don’t repeat yourself

If there is something good about being present on different channels, it is that each one is good (or better) for one thing. Since Twitter has existed, you have to publish something with substance, because to recommend a link or comment on another post, you already have 140 characters.

5. Take the conversation to Twitter

If it is more common every day to have more followers on Twitter than subscribers to your feed, invite your readers to have a different experience of your blog, for example by encouraging them to continue the conversation through a tweet.

What do you think? send me a twitter?

About the author: Javier Godoy is a partner and Strategy Director at Inspiring Move. You can see his blog at Javier Godoy and his Twitter at


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