In this guide we are going to present you 10 strategies that we have proven to work, to get followers on Twitter or. And yes, completely real and free.

We have been dedicating ourselves to growth in social networks for more than a decade, and we want to show you How we have managed to grow our accounts with more than 85,000 followers on Twitter or X.

So, we hope they help you at least reach your first 1,000 followers. Go for it!

Take care of your profile biography

Our account biography is our cover letter. She has to be perfect.

How to make Twitter or X biographyHow to make Twitter or X biography

To do this, we can follow some tips such as the following:

  • Choose an appropriate account name and usernamethat is easily recognizable for you or your brand.
  • Use a profile image where your face or your company logo is clearly visible. If it looks blurry or they can’t identify you, it will look unprofessional.
  • In the description, indicate what you are going to contribute. It will be your competitive advantage; the reason why people should follow you. For example, are you an expert in robotics and are you going to upload news with incredible advances every day? Are you an advertiser and are you going to publish analysis of the best advertising campaigns of the moment?
  • Link to your websiteif you have it, so that they can access more of your content or contact you through that means.

As you can see, this first phase is very simple. It is simply keep your profile in order so they can find you, visually know who you are, and what to expect from you if they follow you.

Interact publicly with other accounts

Have an active participation and talk frequently with other professionals It is a very good strategy to get quality followers.

Look for conversations related to your professional area and participate constructively:

  • Answer questions of your sector
  • congratulate to other professionals for achievements they have shared
  • Share your knowledge
  • Connect more personally with other professionals through Direct Messages
  • If you go to eventsget noticed using the official hashtag

This way, in addition to uploading your normal publications, you will also interact with other professionals in the sector to establish synergies or network online.

Post high interest threads

Twitter or X threads are sequences of postsand they have increased in popularity since it has been proven that people love to share them.

The depth with which the content is written demonstrate your experience and knowledge in the areaestablishing your profile as a trusted source.

Furthermore, the sequential nature of the threads iEncourage users to follow you so they don’t miss future similar posts. This, added to the fact that the threads can be shared like a normal tweet, increasing the visibility of your profile to reach broader audiences and obtaining more followers.

In this example we can see a technology account that talks about the most useful keyboard shortcuts, and that has reached more than 14 million impressions (Yes, you read it right).

The most important thing for your thread to go viral is cover a topic of general interestso that when it reaches a lot of people, it will still be interesting to almost anyone.

If we upload a thread about something technical, it is likely that when we reach new audiences the viral effect will stop, since the new audience will not have interest in sharing it.

Upload posts with memes

Memes have been, for years, an insatiable source of likes and shares. They are ideal for making your publication go viral.

As much as possible, create your own memes and that are as closely related as possible to your area of ​​action. For example, this Apple news account uploads iPhone-related memes like these:

As you see, achieves a high impact on Twitter/X with almost 20,000 impressions thanks to fits with the type of public that follows it. Thus, improving the chances of going viral and gaining new followers.

Post every day to show interest and activity

Although posting every day does not guarantee you having more followers, it does. will increase your chances of some content going viral. If you post once a week, you will only have 1 chance a week to get visibility.

In addition to this, when someone visits your profile and detects that you upload 3 posts a day (for example) you will give the feeling of being at the forefront of the sectorconstantly sharing interesting things.

If you achieve that effect on those who come to you, you can be sure that you will gain many real followers for free.

There is nothing more gratifying than entering a Twitter/X account, seeing that it is active, and that everything that is uploaded is interesting.

Try several formats, and stick with the best

In the previous advice I mentioned that It is positive to publish every day to show that you are active and be more likely to have a post go viral.

Well, the next tip is related, and I not only recommend that you publish a lot, but also in various formats:

  • Reflections
  • Memes
  • News
  • Threads
  • Images or videos

The key here is repeat the type of post that generates the most interactions.

To see the publications that have had the most impact you can use Twitter o X Analyticswhich is free and official, although there are other tools for Twitter or X.

Twitter X Analytics to measure performanceTwitter X Analytics to measure performance

For example, do the memes? Or do threads with the news of the day?

So then, replicate them and take advantage of that strong point.

Mention other references in images

Not many people know this, but When you upload an image to Twitter/X you can tag other accounts.

Tag people on Twitter or XTag people on Twitter or X

When you do it, said users will be notified that someone has tagged them in the imageso you will capture their attention in a very discreet way.

Also, if the content has to do with them, you will have a perfect opportunity for them to share said publication with your community. This way, you will reach other audiences who don’t know you yet.

Referents on Twitter or XReferents on Twitter or X

This strategy is very effective if you use it wisely, so we recommend that you use the power of images and video to go viral and mention other references who may relate or want to share it.

Upload original media content

It is proven, after analyzing the social network’s algorithm, that putting external links hurts reach of your publications.

So You should not link directly to YouTube or other websites from your main tweet.

On the contrary, Uploading original images and videos will improve your reachsince the social network will reward you for uploading unique content to it.

Not only will the algorithm itself benefit you, but it will also multimedia content is much more attractive for people to share it, increasing the chances of going viral.

Don’t listen to myths to grow

For years, they have established several myths that supposedly serve to growbut they don’t really work at all.

On the contrary, you should follow these tips:

  • Automations can help you to organize your account, since it is always advisable to know what you publish and when you publish it.
  • Always avoid publishing content that you have not previously read, and therefore you do not know if it adds value. Furthermore, if you summarize a news story incorrectly, you will project an unprofessional image.
  • Avoid giving automatic responses, such as automatic Direct Messages, automatic mentions, etc.
  • Don’t follow too many people a day, since the social network could also limit your account. Do not be in a hurry to increase the number of followers, since this number will increase on its own if you put all your effort into making it a leading communication channel in your sector.

Have patience

Growing on Twitter or X is not achieved overnight. It is a goal that requires patienceusually several months, until reaching thousands of followers.

However, thanks to the tips that we have shared with you in this guide We hope you speed up this process. and you can get them faster.

And you have Any tips you want to share with us to get followers on Twitter or X? We will love to read you in comments.


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