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By Juan Merodio

UX/UI design is an essential component in any successful online business. This article will discuss the fundamental aspects of UX in online businesses, how to improve its implementation, and how it can positively impact customer conversion and retention rates.

ux in online business

UX principles for emerging webs

What is UX?

UX, or user experience, is a term that refers to how a person interacts with and experiences a product or service. In the case of an online business, UX refers to how website visitors interact with and experience the user interface (UI), navigation, site structure, and overall content.

The importance of UX in online business

UX is crucial for any online business because it can directly impact customer satisfaction, retention rate, conversion rate, and ultimately sales and revenue. Good UX/UI design can attract visitors, make them stay on your site longer, increase the likelihood that they will take a desired action (such as a purchase or subscription), and encourage them to return.

Fundamental principles of UX

The core principles of UX include usability, accessibility, consistency, aesthetics, and functionality. A good UX design should be intuitive and easy to use, accessible to all users, consistent in terms of design and content, visually appealing, and functional in terms of meeting the site’s objectives and user needs.

How UX improves customer conversion and retention

UX and conversion rate

UX can have a significant impact on a website’s conversion rate. Good UX can facilitate the purchasing or subscription process, increase customer trust in the business, and motivate the customer to take the desired action. For example, an easy-to-navigate website, with a simple, straightforward purchasing process and an attractive design, can increase the likelihood that site visitors will become customers.

UX and customer retention

UX can also affect customer retention rate. Good UX can keep customers coming back to your website, whether to make more purchases, get more information, or use other services. For example, a website that offers a pleasant user experience, with quality, relevant content and efficient customer service, can motivate customers to return and continue using the site’s services.

How to improve UX in your online business

There are several ways to improve the UX in your online business. Here are some tips:

  1. Conduct user research:Knowing your target audience will allow you to design a UX that adapts to their needs and expectations.
  2. Make your website intuitive and easy to navigate:A clear layout, a simple navigation structure, and a well-defined information hierarchy can improve the usability of your website.
  3. Take care of the visual design:An attractive and professional design can improve the user experience and increase trust in your business.
  4. Optimize website performance:A fast and efficient website improves the user experience and can positively impact conversion and retention rates.
  5. Provide relevant and quality content:High-quality content that answers your customers’ needs and questions can improve the user experience and increase the likelihood of conversion and retention.


In conclusion, UX plays a crucial role in any online business. Good UX/UI design can increase customer satisfaction, conversion and retention rate, and ultimately sales and revenue. Therefore, investing in improving the UX of your online business is a smart and profitable strategy.

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Juan Merodio

Juan Merodio is an expert in Digital Marketing and Promoter of Digital Businesses (AI, Web3 and New Technologies). He has founded the company that bears his own name, Juan Merodio, and from where he and his team coordinate and develop business consulting in Marketing and Digital Transformation for companies in different parts of the world such as Spain, Latin America, Japan, Canada and the United States.

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