In an ever-changing and challenging landscape, mobile app marketers have faced a rollercoaster of events in recent years, from the global pandemic to changes in privacy policies and the rise of artificial intelligence. Given this panorama, it is important that we are part of this growth in 2024 – which will be challenging and crucial.

We must analyze last year’s data to understand the trends that will shape our path going forward. In 2023, for example, we will witness a 6% drop in install ad spend, reaching the $82 billion mark globally. The economic recession significantly impacted user acquisition budgets, with Android being most affected with a 10% decrease, while iOS saw a modest 2% increase.

With a potentially more positive macroeconomic outlook, there is the possibility of a rebound in install ad spending. Privacy and technological innovations will continue to be challenges, but also opportunities to improve strategies.

On the other hand, after a significant drop in 2022, non-organic installs on iOS experienced an impressive 9% increase in 2023. Cost reduction, adaptability and expertise in dealing with change, such as ATT and SKAdNetwork, contributed to this turnaround . Already, for 2024, we know that the economic recession may still impact the scale, but the improvement in efficiency and improvements in SKAN 4.0 could drive continued growth in iOS in this new period.

With the economy recovering, robust monetization is expected to persist. The trend towards hybrid models could then intensify, offering even more growth opportunities for marketers.

Another point observed in 2023 was that the economic recession was reflected in a 9% drop in remarketing conversions on Android. The implementation of Google’s Privacy Sandbox and the new Protected Audiences API could represent a disruptive change with great potential for success. In fact, adapting to new strategies and expected solutions, such as SKAN 5, can revitalize confidence in remarketing.

Total installations continue to grow
After a 10% increase in 2022, installations saw a more modest growth of 2% in 2023. Notable declines were seen in markets such as India, Indonesia and Brazil.

With the transition to Google’s Privacy Sandbox, we can expect a change in installations on Android. The rise of CTV as a measurable performance channel promises continued growth.

As you can see here, as we move into this year, we face uncertainty, but also countless opportunities. Improving economic indicators, evolving privacy policies and advancing technologies offer fertile ground for innovations and smart strategies.
Our journey in the mobile marketing data industry of 2024 is just beginning, and as leaders, we are prepared to shape the future of digital marketing, remaining hopeful even in the face of uncertainty, and ready to face challenges, always exploring the opportunities that will arise along this path.

*Renata Altemari is executive director of AppsFlyer, a global leader in measurement and data analysis for applications, in Brazil


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