Instagram announced an expansion of the functionality of the Notes feature, increasing the interactivity of the feature. Now, You can leave an interactive command, mention friends and family and even enjoy interactive commands from your contacts.

Among the new features, users can post interactive commands. Interactive commands can be a question, poll or comment on any topic. Contacts will be able to respond to the post, as well as view responses from other people who also interacted.

The function is used to request information, answer questions or ask for tips on different topics. You can also ask for opinions on any topics, especially those that do not require further discussion.

Interactive commands allow new interactions from Notes, such as answering questions, polls, etc. (Instagram/Disclosure)Source: Instagram/Disclosure

More functions in Instagram Notes

Another cool function implemented by Instagram was mention in notes. You can mention a contact directly in a note, and they will be notified about it. This makes it possible to draw the attention of specific people so that the post does not go unnoticed.

You can mention contacts directly in status messages.  (Image: Instagram/Disclosure)You can mention contacts directly in status messages. (Image: Instagram/Disclosure)Source: Instagram/Disclosure

Finally, Instagram highlighted the possibility of react quickly to notes with a double tap. This way, it is possible to like messages, statuses with music or interactive commands. The user can also like the content by clicking on the heart icon if the message is opened.

Users can enjoy notes, interactive commands, and statuses with music with a double tap.Users can enjoy notes, interactive commands, and statuses with music with a double tap.Source: Instagram/Disclosure

Notes were launched in Brazil in December 2022, as short messages pinned to the inbox. From now on, the tool adds much more usefulness by increasing new interactivity options.


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