Let’s present something so simple yet practical that you will not be able to resist the temptation of keeping it, especially if you are already doing your work as a Community Manager in a company.

We have recently started 2015 and, although we are slightly late, we present to you the unique marketing and social media calendar, completely free of charge, without uncomfortable registrations, fully equipped, with electric windows and steering SORRY, not this, but even fully equipped is true. Because?

Well, the marketing calendar marks all kinds of interesting dates for a community, which is usually not known by everyone. Everyone knows that January 6 is Three Kings’ Day, so all the companies that can will most likely do a marketing campaign with it. But doesn’t anyone know that February 26 is Fairy Tale Day? What March 20 is the International Day of Happiness? Yes, you should already be rubbing your hands, because this is very useful when it comes to running campaigns.

If you were running out of ideas for social media posts, take a look at the calendar and get inspired, like artists do with their muses. Get the most out of it and plan your strategies and campaigns better. The thing is, man, just out of pride: a community of a website like E-Darling should not stop using this fantastic pdf, because otherwise they would lose that July 6 is Stolen Kisses Day. It would be outrageous if he didn’t use it as a commercial strategy. And like this example there are, at least, 364 more; one for each day of this 2015.

Download the calendar 2015alend2015_ES

The SocialBlaBla.com team

Source: https://www.socialblabla.com/calendario-de-marketing-y-social-media-para-el-2015.html

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