-->Meme coins were extremely popular in the past quarter, perhaps more than ever. Now a report from CoinGecko shows that they have also provided great returns: with an average return of 1312.6%, they leave the returns of AI crypto and Real World Assets far behind. However, there are some striking figures to note. Will the meme crypto hype continue in Q2, and what are the best tokens to buy now?

Meme coins rumble on: what did we notice?

The CoinGecko report reveals several striking things. Naturally, small meme coins with a low market cap have grown the fastest. This makes sense because growing from $1 million to $2 million market cap is easier than growing from $100 million to $200 million. Some small meme coins that were only launched around March have made the biggest profits, and have even grown into the top 10 largest meme coins.

The biggest gainer is Brett (BRETT), a kind of blue Pepe, who managed to ensure returns of 7727% since the launch. DogWifHat ($WIF) also achieved tremendous growth, with no less than 2721%. In addition, Bonk ($BONK), Book of Meme ($BOME) and Cat in a Dog’s World ($MEW) are also on the list of biggest risers. It is striking that (except for Brett) all these tokens run on Solana. Solana meme coins are doing really well, and partly explain the growth of the SOL price.

meme coins coingecko
Meme Coins provide the highest returns in Q1. Source: CoinGecko

RWA and AI score well

What is also striking about CoinGecko’s figures is the fact that Real World Asset coins are doing well. These are tokens that are linked to physical or digital investments outside the blockchain. These are often precious metals, real estate, raw materials and art. Tokenizing them makes them easier to trade. This type of token has an average return of 285.6% in the past quarter. With a market cap of $1 billion, ONDO is currently the largest RWA token.

In the wake of RWA, AI tokens also performed exceptionally well this quarter, with an average return of 222%. AIoz Network and Fetch.AI in particular increased significantly in value.

Will the meme crypto hype continue?

There are plenty of reasons to believe that meme crypto will continue to do well. Historically, the Bitcoin Halving, which will take place in Q2, has always created a boom in skyrocketing meme coins. However, tokens that performed well in the past quarter have become saturated: they have become too big and too unwieldy to continue posting huge increases.

Major growth can be expected from small crypto coins with potential. These tokens have a lower market cap, allowing for exponential increases. In Q1 we saw that meme tokens launched in early March could reach the meme coin top 10 within a month, and under favorable market conditions this is also possible for tokens launched within a month. In that context, we recommend Dogecoin20, Slothana and Smog as the best crypto meme for the coming period.

Dogecoin20 – Relive the growth of DOGE

In the past quarter, the price of Dogecoin rose, but thanks to the enormous market cap of this token ($24 billion), this growth lagged behind that of many smaller tokens. Those who would like to invest in Dogecoin, but still want to have a chance of exceptionally large profits, can consider an investment in Dogecoin20.

This new token gives investors some advantages that Dogecoin cannot offer: you can stake Dogecoin20 in exchange for extra rewards, the token uses the super-functional Ethereum wallet and the token cannot fall prey to hyperinflation thanks to the limited supply of $140 billion tokens. Due to the small market cap, the token, unlike DOGE, can still increase considerably in value.

dogecoin 20 solana memedogecoin 20 solana meme

Currently, DOGE20 is still in the presale phase, where the token can be purchased for $0.00022 each. However, the exchange listing is coming, on April 20: international DOGE day! A significant growth in dog-related meme coins is expected on this holiday, and Dogecoin20 could be the star of the show.

So hurry to the presale if you don’t want to miss this chance to win a possible x100 (or more) token.

Slothana – Meme coin in its purest kind

More and more meme crypto ‘degenerates’ have now joined the new meme coin Slothana. This Solana meme coin focuses on becoming as big as possible with as little effort as possible. $SLOTH itself aims to become a $420 million ‘Crypto Chad’.

In just a week and a half after the start of the presale, $8.2 million was already raised. Slothana works with a striking system, where you have to send SOL tokens to a wallet address. For every SOL (currently $172.20) you submit, you will receive 10,000 $SLOTH tokens via an airdrop. On its website, the team behind $SLOTH says that more information will follow, adding to the mystery of the token.

Slothana is surrounded by mysteries and rumors anyway. For example, the team behind the token would previously have been responsible for some major successes, such as WSM and Sponge (x100). The token would not only be launched on Solana exchanges Raydium and Jupiter, but even a Binance listing would be in the air.

Rumors and gossip fuel the price of a token, especially when it concerns a small meme coin. Even if it turns out not to be true, the price may rise. It is therefore not unwise at all to purchase Slothana now.

Smog – Biggest SOL airdrop ever?

In the meantime, the crypto meme Smog is also doing well. This little Solana token has already managed to reach x75, but only now is real growth expected. The confidence is mainly based on the token’s upcoming crypto airdrop, which should be the largest ever on Solana.

35% of the total tokens will be distributed to the community for free. If you own more tokens, or have placed them in a staking contract for longer, you will receive a larger portion of the airdrop.

In the past, Solana tokens such as Bonk have risen dramatically due to crypto airdrops. It is quite possible that Smog can also achieve enormous increases. After all, BRETT, Book of Meme and Cat in a Dog’s World also succeeded.

Disclaimer: This article contains insights from independent authors and is not part of BitcoinMagazine.nl’s editorial content. This is not investment advice, please do your own research.

Source: https://bitcoinmagazine.nl/nieuws/meme-cryptos-pumpen-13126-in-q1-2024-3-beste-crypto-met-100x-potentieel-in-april

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