One of the latest crypto projects to ignite the meme coin craze is WienerAI ($WAI). And for the right reasons.

This new token is part dog, part AI, and part sausage. In just one single meme coin, WienerAI merges two popular crypto trends, namely coins based on dogs and AI coins.

Both meme coins and AI coins have done exceptionally well on the crypto market this year. Both niches increased in value by several million. WienerAI cleverly responds to both and, as it says itself, brings its own flavor to the market:‘the sausage army’. The project is slowly becoming a phenomenon within the crypto community.

The next big meme coin?

The meme coin community has always had a special preference for coins based on dogs. A remarkable fact: the three largest meme coins are based on dogs and have a combined market cap of more than €37 billion. This is a huge amount for a niche that relies mainly on stupid and crazy themes and the power of speculation.

The dumber or crazier the theme, the greater the chance that the meme coin will go viral. That’s how this crazy market works, but investors aren’t complaining. Since Dogecoin’s rise, strategic meme coin investors have made generous returns. In fact, no crypto or traditional fiat can match the viral potential of meme coins. These coins can go for x10, but also x10,000, depending on the strength of the community.

This may explain the increasing traffic towards the presale of the new cryptocurrency WienerAI.

First of all, the project not only brings out a crazy and/or stupid theme, but it is also unique in the dog coin market. Secondly, it adds another popular niche, namely AI coins. In addition, the project has designed a particularly good tokenomics that should stand the test of time. Early sales and pump-and-dump schemes are discouraged, as the project has developed a lucrative, but reliable staking system.

wienerai tokenomics

According to the website, “WienerAI is the first Wiener/Dog/AI ever created and also the most powerful cyber being in the universe. This ‘weenie’ is aiming to become the top dog on the crypto market. To achieve this, the legion must be significantly expanded. That’s why Wiener offers huge staking rewards that can be earned every day during the presale. Partly because of this, the project has gained many fans in a short time and his ‘Sausage Army’ is almost ready to march. The Sausage Army refers to the project’s growing meme coin community.

We take a look behind the scenes of WeinerAI to see if it can live up to the presale hype.

AI + meme coins = a viral combination that can go x1000

A notable fact is that there are only 6 meme coins in the top 100 market cap, while 8 AI coins have a solid presence on the same list.

In other words, meme coins are driven by the hype that best suits investors looking for exponential gains in a short period of time. Utility coins, or coins that have a certain use, on the other hand, are more suitable for investors who are looking for more stable long-term returns. But what if these two trends come together?

The result is WienerAI ($WAI). A meme coin that can become big and stay big. For now, it is too early to say whether WienerAI can take one of the top 3 positions on the meme coin list and stay there with a multi-trillion market cap. But the combination of AI and the meme trend has viral potential this year.

wienerai roadmapwienerai roadmap

The project has designed a compelling story. It dates back to the year 2132 when a mad scientist known as ‘The Architect’ builds a highly advanced cyber dog-like AI. With this he bridges the gap between AI and dog. This puts it on track to become the greatest artificial intelligence (AI) ever.

But due to strange circumstances, some hot dog DNA ended up in the precious mixture during its creation. That explains why WienerAI looks a bit… strange. But that doesn’t stop him from being the “MOST POWERFUL AI IN THE UNIVERSE,” according to the website. WienerAI is an upgradeable coin. Over time, memory will be expanded and knowledge refined.

The presale is live: Why buy WienerAI?

The WienerAI ($WAI) presale is now live and consists of several phases. During the presale, the token will be available for purchase at an attractive price and the project will offer great staking rewards for early investors. The sooner you get in, the cheaper the price and higher staking rewards.

Wienerai CopenWienerai Copen

The strength of $WAI’s growing community during the presale phase points to an explosive launch when the project is first listed. The project will be listed in a few days and the momentum is expected to increase in the coming days.

WienerAI has become a huge sensation and the source of the growing traffic towards $WAI’s official presale are strategic meme coin investors. This group prefers to stock up on coins at low prices in the run-up to the listing of the coins. This significantly improves the risk/reward ratio. A cheap entry point usually ensures the highest returns for early investors.

For those who want the latest updates on the presale, claiming the $WAI token and the listing, follow WienerAI on Twitter and Telegram.

Now to the WienerAI Presale

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