-->Today, the new Frog Wif Hat token ($FWIF) was launched on the decentralized exchange Uniswap. It is of course based on a similar meme as DogWifHat, which gave Dogecoin’s dog a hat and achieved great success with the token.

The price of Frog Wif Hat immediately registered an increase of 226% in the first minutes and everyone was given a fair chance to buy the token by entering the contract address (0xd298fe9fa71ad553e35997b19af19fb435038521) copy and enter at Uniswap.

fwif rate

The coin was developed on Ethereum, but will eventually also be bridged to Solana. This means that the token will also become available on other decentralized exchanges, such as the Jupiter Dex. This makes it a multichain meme coin that can gain even more attention.

Who is behind Frogwifhat?

With the Frogwifhat token, the team clearly wants to repeat the success of previous meme coins such as Dogwifhat, Bonk and Smog. There are rumors that the same founders may be behind $FWIF as those behind the aforementioned crypto coins.

Nearly $1 million in liquidity has already been locked, which is good for tokens launched this way. A lot of locked liquidity ensures that there is no chance of a back pull, where the team behind the token runs away with all the funds.

Pepe rises again; is this because of Frog Wif Hat?

The launch of Frogwifhat comes at a unique time, today Pepe, the original frog meme coin, has also risen sharply. This may partly be related to the launch of $FWIF, or cause an additional increase in the price of the new Frog Wif Hat token.

pepe coin ratepepe coin rate

The increase in the Pepe price is large, as it reaches a level that it has not reached for 4 months. This means that the price remains strong and is still far above the price for which it was launched in 2023. Frogwifhat may also face the same fate in the near future.

The ‘fair launch’ of the meme coin immediately creates a lot of confidence among investors. The entire supply of 1 billion tokens has been made available on the Uniswap exchange and therefore there are no early investors who could walk away with a large portion of the tokens.

Is Frogwifhat going to major exchanges?

Exchanges such as Kucoin, Gate and Bitget listed Dogwifhat some time ago, suddenly making the meme coin available to a much larger audience. Frogwifhat also wants to achieve this, making the meme coin much easier to trade.

To currently buy $FWIF tokens you have to go to the Uniswap exchange to exchange Ethereum or other ERC-20 tokens for the meme coin. There is a link on the Frogwifhat website that takes you directly to the right page and you don’t have to worry about getting a fake.

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