Thursday, May 2, 2024 – Yesterday, the presale for Sealana ($SEAL) launched on Solana and it raised $100,000 within just minutes of launch.

In a sector dominated by dogs, there is one maritime mammal that fights tooth and nail for its right to the iconic American Dream.

That face may look familiar and for a very specific reason: The Sealana is a tribute to the extremely popular Gamer Guy character from South Park, also known as “Fat Computer Nerd”.

Gamer Guy appeared in the legendary World of Warcraft episode of the popular old Veronica cartoon and quickly began to build a fame in his own right. The iconic characteristics that made this happen were his gigantic glasses, eyes that were constantly focused on the screen, cluttered room, and overwhelming size.

What started as a caricature for the so-called “Keyboard Warriors”, the often dissatisfied people who comment on internet messages in a sharp, unfriendly and often anonymous way, has now become something of an everyday figure.

Sealana is Gamer Guy, but merged in Web3 with his computer chair, growing every day, so concerned with trading that he has traded his figure as a young God for a diet of chips and canned tuna. His obsession with finding the next viral Solana meme coin keeps his fins busy and his room uncluttered.

All you need to participate in the fixed price presale is an already funded SOL wallet. For every 1 SOL, investors will receive 6,900 $SEAL tokens as a reward after the ICO ends. This puts them in an excellent position to benefit from a potentially explosive rise during the presale and from the possible subsequent Solana meme coin rise that follows.

Investors can pay via a widget on the website or by sending SOL from a decentralized wallet to this address: DJ15ZYXqUNMYJ3hL7z4ciSaSFAw5cbos3YjGpdvwmF6c.

Will Meme Coin Fans Focus on Solana?

Sealana’s usual blockchain, Solana, is quickly surpassing Ethereum as the blockchain for launching the future biggest meme coins.

While a recent big selloff saw the price of Bitcoin ($BTC) drop 10% to around $57,000, Solana coin Popcat ($POPCAT) is up as much as 45% in seven days, along with Solama ($SOLAMA), which shot up 25% overnight. Even Dogecoin imitators like DogWifHat ($WIF) and Bonk ($BONK) are currently holding their value better than their competitors.

Solana herself is also recovering quickly. In the last 24 hours, the price of SOL has risen 10%, even surpassing market leaders Bitcoin and Ethereum. This is a testament to the resilient capabilities that the largest growing ecosystem in the blockchain demonstrates.

The reasons for this do not remain unknown for long. Solana is a digital economy with $3.637 billion in Total Locked Value (TVL) across apps and financial services, with more than 1 million active users transacting daily and more than 2,500 developers running at least are active on a monthly basis.

Sealana also comes hot on the heels of another recent viral Solana meme coin called ICO. Slothana ($SLOTH), the Marijuana-friendly sloth, raised an astonishing $15 million dollars (link) in a one-month-only presale that has just concluded.

While we’re on the subject of popular crypto sloths, it’s rumored that the team behind Sealana was also involved in another successful fixed-price presale, the popular Slerf ($SLERF) project, which is up 15% in the last 24 hours.

Rumor in the corridors is that they are preparing for another successful launch without accidentally burning $10 million in tokens.

Drastic Popularity of Meme Coins After Bitcoin Halving?

The decline in prices this week shows that markets are taking some profits before the effects of a Bitcoin software update, known as “the halving,” become more apparent.

The halving reduced gains from 6.25 BTC per block to 3.125 BTC per block, halving the effective return on issuing new BTC. With Bitcoin reaching new all-time highs this year, many analysts predict that the crypto market will become much more valuable thanks to Bitcoin’s reduced supply.

Historically, the past three halvings have added significant value to the market within a year of the update. Once traders start seeing green candlesticks in the stock market again, further popularity of meme coins will undoubtedly follow. This time Solana and other related projects will be at the helm

Let’s help Sealana Web3 find his way out of his mother’s basement. Simply support him with SOL and watch him fill your crypto wallet with $SEAL!

Interested? Stay informed via the X-account van Sealana.

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