In another milestone, Nvidia, a global graphics card (GPU) manufacturing giant, recently announced its new AI superchip Blackwell at the GTC conference in San Jose, California, creating international excitement.

This announcement is a notable revelation considering the company’s previous H100 chips faced a sales ban in China. The Blackwell superchip series is a revolutionary project that aims to change the AI ​​landscape for the better and bring unparalleled performance and capabilities to its users.

Blackwell chips: Specialized in AI

According to the insights revealed by the company’s CEO at the GTC, the Blackwell processor is designed to meet the demands of high-performance AI-driven applications across various industries with improved processing power, efficiency and versatility. The chip consists of 208 billion transistors and serves as the basis for new computers deployed by the world’s largest data center operators, including Amazon, Microsoft, Alphabet’s Google and Oracle.

Meanwhile, named after David Blackwell, the first Black scholar inducted into the National Academy of Science, the AI ​​superchip will redefine the standard for AI computing and drive progress in several areas, including AI in crypto.

Intriguingly, NVDA, Nvidia’s NASDAQ stock ticker, has also recently emerged as the focal point for investors focused on AI tokens. On this note, with the unveiling of the Blackwell chip on the GTC, NVDA shares rose significantly on Monday’s launch, further demonstrating the GPU manufacturer’s dominance, while AI tokens appear to be rapidly gaining popularity and gaining momentum. be rising.

Nvidia strengthens position in AI sector

Nvidia’s introduction of the Blackwell AI superchips underlines a monumental achievement, ushering in a new era of AI innovation with Nvidia’s technology at the forefront. Meanwhile, the company’s co-founder stated that AI is acting as a driving force and bringing about a fundamental change in the economy, adding that Blackwell chips are “the engine that powers this new industrial revolution.”

Nvidia “is working with the most dynamic companies in the world, and we will deliver on the promise of AI for every industry,” the co-founder said. This, combined with the recent substantial rise in Nvidia’s shares, has further strengthened the company’s positioning as an AI pioneer.

This positioning was further softened when Mad Money host Jim Cramer called out the GPU giant for “creating the next industrial revolution” with the recent launch of an AI superchip. While in another notable chronicle, CrowdStrike CEO George Kurtz highlighted why the cybersecurity company plans to partner with Nvidia, adding to the market optimism that has come from NVDA’s rise. This potentially raised concerns about substantial share price gains to come, in line with the GPU manufacturer’s position as a leading player in the sector.


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