On May 6, the Ore project was declared the winner of the Solana Renaissance Hackathon and took home a $50,000 prize. The project introduces a unique proof-of-work algorithm into the Solana blockchain, aiming to revolutionize the efficiency and accessibility of mining.

Network congestion issues

However, the implementation of Ore led to significant congestion within the Solana network. In April 2024, the wave of mining activity caused by Ore led to approximately 75% of transactions failing due to network overload. This disruption highlighted potential scalability and stability issues within the Solana ecosystem.


The congestion prompted Ore’s pseudonymous creator, Hardhat Chad, to temporarily halt mining operations. A major network upgrade, version v1.18, is scheduled for May 27 to address these issues.

Despite the operational challenges, the Solana community and developers have largely supported Ore’s vision. The project aims to democratize cryptocurrency mining, where multiple participants can earn rewards instead of the traditional winner-takes-all model. This approach has sparked interest in creating a more inclusive mining environment.


Hardhat Chad remains optimistic about the future and say that they return stronger, with a renewed focus on alignment with Solana’s long-term goals. The project’s ability to address ongoing technical challenges while striving for innovation reflects the dynamic nature of blockchain development.

Ore’s win at the hackathon is a significant achievement in the continued evolution of blockchain technologies. As the Solana network prepares for the upcoming upgrade, the Ore team is focused on refining their system to ensure a balance between innovation and network stability.

Source: https://bitcoinmagazine.nl/nieuws/ore-wint-hoofdprijs-op-solana-renaissance-hackathon

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