The crypto community is eagerly awaiting the possibility of an XRP ETF, especially after the recent approval of Ethereum spot ETFs. Crypto strategist Nick recently shared a detailed analysis on X, identifying several factors that could serve as catalysts for the launch of an XRP ETF. His insights, in combination with current developments, paint a positive future picture for XRP.

XRP bullish factors

Popular crypto strategist Nick has highlighted several factors that could lead to the adoption and success of an XRP ETF. His analysis and current developments paint an optimistic picture of the future for XRP.

Nick’s analysis has identified several key points that can drive the adoption and success of an XRP ETF.

He highlights the growing importance of real asset tokenization (RWA), Ripple’s expected initial public offering (IPO), the development of a Ripple-backed stablecoin, and regulatory clarity on institutional sales of XRP.

In addition, strategic partnerships, adjustments to the XRP Ledger (XRPL), and the increasing adoption of XRPL for various applications further strengthen XRP’s position.

Nick added, “The number of possible catalysts behind $XRP is enormous,” referring to the many factors that could support XRP towards mass institutional adoption and lay the foundation for an ETF.

He reemphasized the importance of these developments, especially in light of the approval of the Ethereum ETF, which he believes will change the regulatory landscape for altcoins.

Institutional adoption and market dynamics

Geoffrey Kendrick, analyst at Standard Chartered, also weighed in, predicting that cryptocurrency ETFs for coins like XRP and Solana (SOL) could be approved by 2025.

He noted that the SEC had recently approved Ethereum ETFs, which would mean that cryptocurrencies of a similar nature would not be considered securities. “The crypto industry now appears to have political support from both sides,” Kendrick said, adding that the sector has bipartisan support.

Kendrick expects that the adoption of ETH ETFs will attract a lot of institutional capital to the market, which could potentially benefit other coins such as XRP. He estimates that ETH ETFs could attract between $15 billion and $45 billion in the first 12 months of trading. This could further fuel Bitcoin and Ethereum’s market dominance, and that effect could extend to XRP. However, there are obstacles on the way to an XRP ETF.

Ripple and the SEC are involved in an ongoing lawsuit. Nevertheless, the recent regulatory clarity that Ethereum is not a security could lead to similar decisions for other tokens, including XRP. The growing political and institutional support for cryptocurrencies only adds to the optimism.

The SEC’s approval of the Ethereum spot ETF marks a major regulatory milestone, paving the way for similar recognition of altcoins like XRP. As institutional interest in digital assets increases, the opportunity for XRP ETFs increases. This dynamic will be further accelerated by the relisting of XRP on major exchanges, developments in the Ripple ecosystem and the arrival of new financial products. Crypto analyst Nick summarizes this sentiment:

“Although XRP is receiving a lot of criticism and frustration is already at record levels, the pressure is increasing.”

Many voices within the crypto community echo such views and see XRP benefiting from the regulatory clarity and institutional adoption that the adoption of an Ethereum ETF would bring.


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